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  1. Adam


    That does look nice.
  2. Adam


    The Sniper has full adjustment on the air fuel ratio. You need to adjust the afr to the optimum for the rpm/load. Go to the initial set up menu and make sure the engine parameters are properly set up 8 cyl, 440 ci, mild cam, etc. This should be good enough to start, but it will probably be...
  3. Adam

    Dash flickering intermittent starting

    Update for me. Thanks Challenger RTA! I used a small probe to expand the connectors and this seems to have solved my problem.
  4. Adam

    Dash flickering intermittent starting

    Anyway, the column connector is another place to check. Bad connections here will mimic a faulty ignition switch.
  5. Adam

    Dash flickering intermittent starting

    Sorry, just trying to help. I must of misunderstood your first post: " You put the key in ignition and turn to go start and it sometime is dead as a door nail. Not even ability to turn over. No accessory of any kind and cabin light wont turn on when door open.".
  6. Adam

    Dash flickering intermittent starting

    I am currently having this problem. I believe it is faulty connections in the column harness connector. Because when everything is dead if I even just touch the connector everything works. I tried to wiggle the wires individually but have been unable to determine the specific problem wire...
  7. Adam


    I agree, I recently helped install an ACC carpet. It was super thin; I could see daylight through it while holding it up to the sun. It is nowhere near the thickness and quality of factory carpet. I’m wondering if they outsourced them to China. Also, it wasn’t molded accurately at all; big...
  8. Adam

    Break-In oil Royal Purple?? Opinions??

    For others that may read this when starting an engine for the first time: I like to “static time” the engine so that it starts instantly. This works great and usually the engine doesn’t even make a full revolution before it runs. Bring the engine to 8-10 degrees btdc on the compression...
  9. Adam

    Are My Oil Pressure Readings Normal

    Also, the sender may be out of spec. for your gauge. I recently did a magnum swap (rebuilt engine) in my old Ramcharger. I used the Magnum oil sender but my gauge barely registered. I put my old used sender back on and then my gauge could read it. Same for the temp sender too. Btw, they...
  10. Adam

    Top Dead Center

    You can feed a length of fuel hose in thru the spark plug hole and rotate it by hand until it stops. Mark the balancer where it happens to line up with zero. Then turn it the opposite direction until it stops and mark it. TDC is exactly between these two marks. You could also use a wood...
  11. Adam

    Tachometer on a 1970 Cuda with rally dash

    Do you have the tach hooked up to the negative side of the coil? Gray or white wire iirc. I have replaced the guts in two tachs with the RTE kit, it’s an easy job and comes with good directions; and they are much more accurate than a factory tach. Redline Gauge works takes a loooong time and...
  12. Adam

    WD-40 to remove undercoating

  13. Adam

    Insulation, heater box in. Whats next before dash?

    On the dash wiring harness you might want to label (with tape) the radio power wires. I believe the red is for power and the orange is for the radio light to come on with the dash panel lights, at night. The gray two wire plug that I thought was correct, wasn’t (on my car anyway). That way you...
  14. Adam

    Speedo Cable Cure

    Years ago I bought one for only $12. So I just checked to see how much they have gone up…. It’s outrageous; now $12.47. :) 70 Challenger: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=5898549&cc=1078422&pt=1440&jsn=465
  15. Adam

    440 valve train

    Are you running a flat tappet cam? If so I think you should just run the stock valve train. The hydraulic lifters will compensate for the material taken off the heads. Also valve lash doesn’t get any easier than that; it’s dirt cheap, and if you want to upgrade later on you can do so easily.
  16. Adam

    drivers side cable control routing for mirror

    I had replaced my broken original mirror with one using the plastic clip. A day later the cable had moved and was catching on the front of the window, even though it was still clipped in. So I recommend finding or making the simple metal bracket, and you will only have to take the door panel...
  17. Adam

    Chasing a dream but is it worth it ???

    Well, cost is one thing and time is another. Look at MoparLeo’s Challenger; probably close in cost, and you can start building it now, not 5-8 years from now.
  18. Adam

    What width/thickness of butyl tape for the windshield?

    Generic answer for others who may read this: If you have replacement glass you need to carefully measure, or mock up the glass and trim with spacers to find the distance. Some newer glass is thinner and lighter than the original. Obviously if you set the glass too low the trim will be loose...
  19. Adam

    WTB 11 3/4” disc caliper bracket (only need one)

    You probably already know, but any junk yards near you? I believe a Chrysler Cordoba had 11-3/4 discs.
  20. Adam

    1970 Challenger 440 Heating Problems

    I found the lower radiator hose, which is the suction hose, on my 70 Cuda would collapse when I revved it up. I discovered this by accident; but anyway… some radiator hoses come with springs in them, most do not. So at operating temp, open the hood and work the throttle while looking at the...