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  1. rbbruno3

    Fire Extinguishers

    I mounted mine to a chrome plated ECU mounting bracket
  2. rbbruno3

    Hi From Oklahoma OKC!

    Welcome Aboard
  3. rbbruno3

    Hello all

    Welcome Aboard looks nice:thumbsup:
  4. rbbruno3

    Hello from northern Indiana

    welcome aboard ,sounds like some nice cars.
  5. rbbruno3

    So far, yet far to go! They never seem to go as planned.

    Looks nice , dig the plate:thumbsup:
  6. rbbruno3

    Hello from California

    Welcome Aboard. Nice Charger
  7. rbbruno3

    New to the Forum!

    Welcome Aboard Peter
  8. rbbruno3

    Tunnel questions

    Mine was an auto car , tunnel was super tight to the pedal too. I rounded the plastic on the pedal to match the tunnel. Works fine as well
  9. rbbruno3

    Hello from Overseas (Abu Dhabi)

    Welcome Aboard sweet bunch of Mopars:thumbsup:
  10. rbbruno3

    Hello from Montana

    Welcome Aboard Kevin , awesome you’ve kept it around for 37 years
  11. rbbruno3

    Should I add a Rallye Trunk Deck Lid Stripe?

  12. rbbruno3

    Thanks for the Mopar Welcome

    Welcome Aboard , hope you find that Challenger. My new project is a 73 Charger same color as yours:thumbsup:
  13. rbbruno3

    The red on red 70 Cuda project!

    Thanks for the ride Wayne. Maybe next time we can leave a little rubber on the road . LOL JK :thumbsup:
  14. rbbruno3

    New from Central Florida

    Welcome Aboard , agree:thumbsup: very nice
  15. rbbruno3

    I took the plunge!

    Welcome back sounds like a sweet project.
  16. rbbruno3

    Daughter's 73 Challenger

    Awesome :thumbsup:
  17. rbbruno3

    Installed Gull Wing!

    Looks good Rod, I prefer the gull wing. That’s why I went with the TA spoiler on my 70.
  18. rbbruno3

    Newbie from Upstate NY

    Welcome Aboard Artee, what part of upstate are you at? I’m up in the Adirondacks nice looking car
  19. rbbruno3

    little mopar meet up

    Cool :thumbsup: nice cars
  20. rbbruno3

    1970 cuda Barn find restoration

    Welcome Aboard Mark