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  1. Rons340

    Brake booster rebuild ?

    Thanks everyone for the information. It was very helpful
  2. Rons340

    Brake booster rebuild ?

    I usually do my own as well. I currently have a 10 1/2" Midland that needs rebuilding but the rebuild kits from Classic Industries have been on backorder for months and I have scoured the Web trying to find one with no luck. I am at loss as to where to obtain one. Any suggestions?
  3. Rons340

    Starter problems

    Flchallanger, Unfortunately, not all folks have the skills, or facilities, to accommodate needed repairs. That is why it is helpful to participate in forums like these. We can't do much for facilities and proper tooling but there are some very knowledgeable professionals on here that are willing...
  4. Rons340

    4 Speed Shifting Rod Replacement

    I get all of my transmission related parts from Brewers. Great service and fast shipping!
  5. Rons340

    Wide band vs narrow band

    From my 30+ years of carb. and fuel injection experience I learned that the narrow band O2 sensors were used as a more precise control for the fuel injection systems. The wide band systems were initially used by car manufactures in the early '80s to control CCC systems (computer control...
  6. Rons340

    4 Speed Shifting Rod Replacement

    I believe the Hemi calls for the H-pipe as OE so that makes since. You can always depend on Brewers!
  7. Rons340

    Done after sitting for 30 years!

    That is one beautiful automobile brother!! Great job on the resto.
  8. Rons340

    14" or 15" Road Wheels...

    Coker Tire should have what you need in both tires and wheels. They have OE steel road wheels, rallies, or custom styles. Great tech staff as well!
  9. Rons340

    FOUND Hemi Cuda Muffler Bearing

    This looks like the setup powering my buddies beer taps in his bar! LOL!
  10. Rons340

    quest for 340 at 450hp

    That is quite an impressive list of parts! However, the dyno is really where the rubber hits the road in my opinion. That is where you can make it all come together with the correct air/fuel ratio (carburetor) timing tweaks, cam timing as well as ignition timing, and confirming that all of those...
  11. Rons340


    As 70chall440 stated, if it is the rears that you are having the issue with it's almost always the proportioning valve tripped or stuck. When there is a lack of fluid pressure in the rear the valve is designed to trip and direct the braking to the front. it is very easy to cause this issue...
  12. Rons340

    No oil pressure on start up

    Tom, I'm going with a missing welch plug also, unless the cam bearings are installed incorrectly. I always pack the oil pump with assembly grease as well to be sure it gets good suction on start-up.
  13. Rons340

    Year One

    Good Idea! They are a reputable company for sure, but just need to pay more attention to the details. :)
  14. Rons340

    Year One

    My "go to" company is Classic Industries without question. They are typically cheaper than Year One on specific items and have far better customer service. I do, however, shop around for price, most of the time. In the last 20 years I have amassed a good list of vendors that offer top quality...
  15. Rons340

    Durango rack and pinion fit a 71 Challenger without a ton of mods?

    I’m using the Borgeson unit and love it! It’s a direct replacement for the factory unit and uses the original pitman arm. Very little modification needed to the steering shaft and it’s smaller and lighter than the original meaning more header room, if you are using headers. Very close ratio...
  16. Rons340

    Piston Wrist Pin Retainers

    Thank you Chryco Psycho! I knew there had to be replacements somewhere, I just couldn't find any with the correct dimensions. Thanks again!
  17. Rons340

    Piston Wrist Pin Retainers

    I am in dire need of some advice! I am in the process of building a 1970 model 340 engine and have a set of Speed Pro forged pistons (part number #L2316) that I am wanting to use. For some reason 2 of the wrist pin retainer lock rings are missing! Sealed Power told me that the retainers are...
  18. Rons340

    Best clutch set up for A833

    Brewers is the best! They specialize in A833 transmissions and offer a full line of clutches and associated parts.
  19. Rons340

    Door closing rattle

    I replaced those stops in both doors and Year One was the only place I could find them at the time. Great call out!
  20. Rons340

    Door closing rattle

    The sound deadening on the door skin, for me, is a must. That will take the tinny sound out but the clunking noise that seems to echo forever when you close the door is a monumental task to improve. I have noticed during my long life of muscle cars that the "other" Big 3 car manufactures had the...