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  1. mmissile

    Just a thank you.

    I'd like to thank everybody on the board who followed the rebuild of my mother's old car. Having people to converse with and follow progress....made this tolerable, and I'm always looking and listening to people with ideas and projects. As much as I've never really cared-for this car, it appears...
  2. mmissile

    Another item off the bucket list....

    Went to a car-show in Richmond today. While registering, the woman at the table was talking on the phone to another person running the festivities. She said they had to get a car for the former "Little Miss Richmond" winners. I told her I had a ragtop. She asked if it was the beautiful green...
  3. mmissile

    FOUND HELP!!! green console door

    I need a green E-body console door. After having painted mine, I was assembling the door halves with a new hardware kit. The screws were nice and snug.....and too DAMNED long. I have 2 freakin' holes on the outside of the door. I'd like to have a complete or really nice green outer halve, so my...
  4. mmissile

    FOUND `cuda mirror bracket needed

    Hi guys!!! Been awhile, but I'm actually finishing up my decades-long project. I need this 70 `cuda mirror bracket..... Who's got one?? Thanks, Mike.
  5. mmissile

    Headlite buckets

    I'm installing Hella headlights in my 70 `cuda. I have one bucket, and it works with the notches for the left side. The right headlite is identical, but mounting the bucket to right side of the car, clocks the headlight differently with the bucket. Are right and left hand buckets?? I see my...
  6. mmissile

    70 `cuda repop grill

    So, what's the quality and fit on these repop grills?? I see some for 4-5 hundred, and then others at a grand or more....any difference?
  7. mmissile

    WTB Glove box lock

    I'm looking for a complete Glove-box lock assembly. It must have the latch, also. Needs to have nice chrome. Locking or non-locking is acceptable, as long as it's clean and complete.
  8. mmissile

    70 cuda ragtop....

    What do the top-locating pin inserts in the windshield frame look like in a 70? I don't seem to have my old ones, and the stainless trim doesn't appear to have holes for the screws that they have on the repop ones available. Got any pics of a 70 windshield frame with the correct plastic inserts...
  9. mmissile

    WTB glove box door arm

    Looking for that stupid part. Seem to have lost mine.....when I need it. I'll find it a few months from now. LOL I could use the black factory nuts, as well.
  10. mmissile

    Dash lens

    I'm looking for the bright-lights lens for a standard e-body dash [I'll buy a full black panel, if need be]. Need ASAP!! Help a brutha out.... Merry Christmas!!
  11. mmissile

    WTB headlite brkt.

    I need the bolt-in bracket, that holds the headlight bucket... for a RIGHT-HAND 72-74 Barracuda. I'll buy it with the bucket attached, also. Merry Christmas!!
  12. mmissile

    Nice pic from Saturday....

    Went to the "Michigan Mopars" at Milan on Saturday. Got a nice shot of my Barracuda leaving.....
  13. mmissile

    NATS anyone?

    I'm heading down with 2 cars. Hope to see some members, and I'll be in the HDK tent.
  14. mmissile

    4th annual GPS car show.

  15. mmissile

    WTB headlite bucket assembly

    I need a right-side, 72-74 cuda headlight assembly. Bracket, bucket, etc.... Thanks, Mike.
  16. mmissile

    Put correct bumpers on my 72.

    My body-in-white 72 `cuda, has been NHRA S/S class raced for decades [since fall-71]. It currently had 73-74 front and rears on it....and I put it back to 72 bumpers. Much cleaner. I also replaced the valance insert with a NOS piece.
  17. mmissile

    WTB switch bracket

    FOUND!!! I need the thin-metal bracket, that holds the brake-light switch. No switch, just the bracket....asap. Thanks!! sample pictures..........
  18. mmissile

    Urethane front bumper??

    Anybody selling 70 front `cuda bumpers? Thanks.
  19. mmissile

    FOR SALE Lock set for 70 `cuda

    SPF.......... I have a NIB lock-set for a 1970 Barracuda. It was advertised as NOS. Stupid me, I bought 2 over the last couple years. I installed one, and have this left over. It contains..... 1 trunk-lock 1 console-lock 1 glove-box lock 2-NOS keys with tag Deal at $65.00 shipped. PM me.....
  20. mmissile

    Best weather-seals?

    I need to purchase new seals for my cuda-vert. I need to purchase everything that attaches to the windshield frame. Who makes the best? I installed some soft-seal a-post seals, and they're not up to my expectations.....