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  1. 4mopwr

    My Hemi on the dyno

    That is awesome! Very cool car!
  2. 4mopwr

    FOR SALE Cowl panel vent screen

    Cowl screen for cuda/challenger Not broken and clips appear to be in good shape. ($10.00 + shipping)? Romeoville, il I'm here from A-bodies. Thanks E-bodies
  3. 4mopwr

    FOR SALE Rear window inner trim

    I believe this is the rear window interior trim for the left side. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Came with a car I purchased I'm here from Abodys. Not sure what it's worth ($20. + shipping) Romeoville, Il
  4. 4mopwr

    My T/A restoration...

    Just found your build. Nice work! Looks good.:popcorn:
  5. 4mopwr

    My Hemi on the dyno

    Is this in a "street" car?