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    Metro Door Panels, A Pillars

    From what I hear, metro panels fit better than any other repop.
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    Extremely light wheel

    I have a firm feel stage 3. Feels perfect, not to stiff.
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    Tremec TKX

    How much does one of these set you back? Looks like a great option, if it truly dosent need any tunnel cutting.
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    Watching graveyard carz and have a question

    If you want to use the factory ac ducts, you need to use all factory components on the inside of car. I think the engine side can be be all.modern and work fine.
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    17 x 7 and 17 x 8 Rocket Wheels

    I dont have any picts righ now. Look at ths thread https://www.forebodiesonly.com/forum/threads/wicked-pissed-off-%F0%9F%98%A1.23862/
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    17 x 7 and 17 x 8 Rocket Wheels

    I would go 17x8 all around 4-1/2" backset. I have 245 45 17 all around. With stock suspension. Car is lowered about 1"-1-1/2" in front. Front is close but fits, plenty of room in back. If I was to do again I would get 9" wide in back and go with a wider tire also.
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    LED Headlights

    Year one sold halogen lights which were much brighter than stock. Don't know if they still sell them or not, but an option
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    WTB MAS Chin Spoiler Wanted

    I made one with PVC material. I never got around to putting it on the car. But here is what I made.
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    Best place to get a 440 crate motor?

    I was on there website and they only have small block crate engines available. I may need to call them and make sure they are still building big block engines. https://blueprintengines.com/collections/chrysler-compatible-small-block-br-longblocks-and-complete-engines
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    Best place to get a 440 crate motor?

    Looking to install a new 440 crate motor. I heard a lot of horror stories, so I looking for someone who has had a good experience with a crate motor.
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    B body veteran, but new to E bodies

    That's nice! I love those rims
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    Tall Driver Help

    The only issue to extending the seat back farther with an extender, is you might hit the seat belt retractor that's bolted to the floor. 70 model. Push your seat all the way back and check the clearance from back of seat to seat belt retractor.
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    Someone posted this on another site. Looks interesting SST new 5 speed for e-bodies Silver Sport Transmissions Unveils The Mopar E-body Tremec TKX - Mopar Connection Magazine | A comprehensive daily resource for Mopar enthusiast news, features and the latest Mopar tech
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    Holley Sniper Fuel Injection and Hyperspark Ignition Install Show and Tell

    This looks great. Planning on doing the same thing in future so Ill keep watching.
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    need some wheel and tire combo advice

    I believe the 15x7 are 4-1/4" backset and 15x8 are 4-1/2" backset.
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    SOLD 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A

    Very nice. You should have no problem selling that.
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    Advice on AC

    I believe you can keep all the stock interior components and vintage air will give you all new stuff for under the hood. Looks stock from the interior, but new in engine bay.
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    70 Cuda Shock Absorbers Replacement Suggestion

    I also he QA1 adjustable shocks. Work great.
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    tilt steering column

    Were you able to use the original key, ignition switch?