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  1. Entropy

    4 Door Cuda

    I came across a few photos of a 4 door Cuda that was at SEMA a year or two ago. The roof line wasn't the same anymore, it changed the over all look and it was no longer a hard top. The car now looked like it was done by a design team who's soul purpose was to take the muscle out of the car...
  2. Entropy

    Two Fish

    Aloha all: My first 70 Cuda I picked up in April of 1973 and still have it. Working on a full restoration and just painted it a few weeks ago. The second Cuda I picked up in the mid 90s and still have it. I've also had a 65 Barracuda, a 67 Barracuda, and a 72 Cuda. Been collecting A and E body...
  3. Entropy

    SoCal Cuda

    Aloha All: Been lovin' the Cuda for many years and knows just about everything a guy needs to know about his car however, there's one thing I for got! Just finished painting a few weeks ago and installing the rear window next. Could some one please tell me what these things that the red arrow...