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  1. asaprtse

    WTB Holley 4218 4brl Metering block #'s 6361 NOT completely sure this is right metering block either.

    Looking to buy Metering block for HOLLEY carb with the numbers 6361 on metering block.. I found a couple on eBay but they are on different carbs not with the same carb number as mine...BUT the 6361 is there... but not completely sure they will work.... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. asaprtse

    Installing AM/FM radio HELP!

    I have a 1970 challenger RT SE that had a factory 5 speaker system W/thumbnail radio...The owner me before pulled it cause it didn't work...They took everything out and junked it... and put crappy radio into car..I JUNKED THAT! SO im starting from scratch here... I have NO IDEA what I need...
  3. asaprtse

    WTB Proportioning valve setup for DISK brakes 1970

    1970 challenger disk brake proportioning valve setup...I think its 2 parts..Not completely sure I'm going from stock drum to stock disk so needing Proportioning valve.. THANK YOU!
  4. asaprtse

    Adding disk brake qestion

    I have a 1970 Challenger RT SE with factory drum brakes... I bought factory Disk brakes with included Spindles, calipers, disks, backing plates, new bearings, races all put together and ready to install... I also bought a factory brake booster 18628 numbers on booster... 1.. I need a part...
  5. asaprtse

    FOUND ((WANTED)) MASTER CYLINDER #2944453 2229171

    Need master cylinder for 1970 dodge Challenger RT SE.. I put factory disk brakes from drum brakes on my car and I already found factory numbers BOOSTER.... I Just need Master cylinder now any help would be GREAT! Or if y'all know of a really good AFER market that will do until I can find the...
  6. asaprtse

    FOUND WANTED! Carter Carburetor((Letters J,K,L and a 0)) for 1970 4734s with ECS

    1970 Dodge Challenger RT SE 383 Auto, A/C. J,K,L with a ZERO 4734s with ECS HOLLEY R4218 also is supposed to be what came on it... I will buy them both if I can find them! looking for correct numbers Carb! any help would be great! I put an EDDY 650 CFM for now but wanting correct carb..Its...
  7. asaprtse

    FOUND Power Steering Box Wanted

    1970 Dodge Challenger RT SE Power Steering Gear Box wanted # 2537397
  8. asaprtse

    FOUND WANTED! AM/FM radio R35 code ALSO: Correct radiator 1970 Challenger RT SE

    1970 Dodge Challenger RT SE 383 Auto 1....Looking for AM/FM Radio R35 code 2....Looking for 26" Radiator with correct numbers the year of car I think numbers somewhere around this ((2998956 1970 8 E 26" 383 440 Auto A/C)) The RADIATOR in there now is from a C-body Numbers (3443951)