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  1. DocCuda

    Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals 2021, Nov 20-21st

    Great Show. First time to take a car. I plan to go back next year.
  2. DocCuda

    Cuda Cowl Paint ?

    An original AAR FY1 sold at Mecum recently. It had 34,500 miles. The cowl is Black.
  3. DocCuda

    Am I crazy? I like rebuilding carbs

    Okay. Let me get this straight. It’s 4 am and your wife happens by. Were you working at the kitchen table?
  4. DocCuda

    Need Member from Missouri

    Good news. I found my dream car and just took possession. It is extremely clean. ‘70 AAR ‘Cuda Lemon Twist 4-Speed Rallye Gauges, all of them work even the clock And get this, AM radio with 8-Track that works. I got a box of 8-tracks with it.
  5. DocCuda

    new member

    Nice cars! Welcome.
  6. DocCuda

    Comment by 'DocCuda' in item 'Finally, I got my first E-Body'

    Congrats! Those Rallye gauges look like new. Nice.
  7. DocCuda

    New from Europe

    Good looking car. Congratulations. Enjoy!
  8. DocCuda

    New from Europe

  9. DocCuda

    Future AAR owner.

    Future AAR owner.
  10. DocCuda

    Car completely shutting off when I hit the brakes

    Look for loose grounding straps on the radio. Very likely the problem. Sometimes just enough connection to use the radio, sometimes not. Strange that it would affect engine running but i’ve heard of that too. It must have something to do with the ignition connection.
  11. DocCuda

    1970 AARCuda

    Thanks for sharing the restoration. I’m looking forward to the final product. Curious, Did you finish the floor pans exterior (bottom of car as seen when on a lift) like factory, ie primered? Or shiny finish like the exterior?
  12. DocCuda

    WTB 1970 ‘Cuda AAR

    I’m looking for a restored or survivor 1970 ‘Cuda AAR. All colors except Pink considered. 4-Speed Shift Console Rallye Gauges Black Interior Please point me in the right direction. Please, no negative comments as I know I need $$$$$. I know it will be hard to find. I know I just missed my...
  13. DocCuda

    Need Member from Missouri

    Yup! That’s it. These pics came out okay.
  14. DocCuda

    Need Member from Missouri

    St. Louis, MO
  15. DocCuda

    Need Member from Missouri

    Oh! There are a lot of great cars that don’t make it on TV. I usually watch on YouTube. There was one in Chicago. I took some pics but they didn’t come out good. It also had the overhead console, leather seats and the Barracuda logo on the steering wheel.
  16. DocCuda

    Need Member from Missouri

    Thanks. I grew up in Lansing.
  17. DocCuda

    Need Member from Missouri

    There were 3 ‘70s InfoNet Login You need a login, but easily done with your email address.
  18. DocCuda

    Need Member from Missouri

    Hello all. I’m retired and I’ve been collecting cars for several years. The ones I really like I keep the longest. I currently own a ‘57 Chevy convertible and a couple of Corvettes. I’m looking to own my first MoPar since a new ‘85 Dodge Dart Turbocharged. I did have a ‘37 Chrysler coupe for a...