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  1. DocCuda

    WTB 1970 ‘Cuda AAR

    I’m looking for a restored or survivor 1970 ‘Cuda AAR. All colors except Pink considered. 4-Speed Shift Console Rallye Gauges Black Interior Please point me in the right direction. Please, no negative comments as I know I need $$$$$. I know it will be hard to find. I know I just missed my...
  2. DocCuda

    Need Member from Missouri

    Hello all. I’m retired and I’ve been collecting cars for several years. The ones I really like I keep the longest. I currently own a ‘57 Chevy convertible and a couple of Corvettes. I’m looking to own my first MoPar since a new ‘85 Dodge Dart Turbocharged. I did have a ‘37 Chrysler coupe for a...