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  1. 1971 Challenger Pacecar

    Done after sitting for 30 years!

    Harry now we know why your happy!! Looks great.. I will be doing the same thing Have 1971 Dodge Challenger convertible JH27GIB that needs the same motivation as it has set since the 80.s.It is setting at a bodyshop where the guy has stalled out.. All new metal needs the final finish buttoned up...
  2. 1971 Challenger Pacecar

    what kind of sale value for 71 cuda clone , hellcat swap , pro touring 5 speed

    Great pics and a nice looking ride.. Thanks for sharing with us the cool stuff your putting in it!!.
  3. 1971 Challenger Pacecar

    1971 Dodge Challenger convertable pacecar model.

    1971 Dodge Challenger convertable pacecar model.
  4. 1971 Challenger Pacecar


    I had the same issues. The website no reponse. The facebook page did not respond to request.The website http://www.moparmuscle.com is down and no one answer the 800-777-2668 line for over a month your recording says the line is busy.. Finally someone answered after (several tries) got a real...
  5. 1971 Challenger Pacecar

    1970 Challenger- my way.

    Awesome fab skills and great tenacity.. Would welcome you in my area and we all need that kind of fire in the belly!
  6. 1971 Challenger Pacecar

    WTB Front Door Panels for 1970 Challenger

    I have a set of door panels for a 71
  7. 1971 Challenger Pacecar

    Challenger r-bumpers. ft black door panels.white convertible door panel ft bk

    I have spare bumper off 72-3 Challenger Rubber stops need replace but in good condition 125.00 obo average condition car or use as for original rechrome at JCP or IAH which are the best restorers core exchange 125.00 obo less than exchange core 71 Counsel less ashtray need touch up has counsel...
  8. 1971 Challenger Pacecar

    E body parts for sale.

    Detmatt1 New to this site. Old to Mopars.. Will start a new thread -new timer to this site and usage of it. Will get it right
  9. 1971 Challenger Pacecar

    What's the average age here on FEBO?

    50 in december wow where did the time go
  10. 1971 Challenger Pacecar

    71 Challenger Body moudling with hard rubber inserts

    I have restored the body moudlings on my 71 Challenger convertable. . Does anyone know of a source that remanufactures a factory type product to replace the original hard rubber inserts for these body side moudlings? Have hit a dead end any advice 71 Challenger