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    Hello From Ontario Canada - Part 2

    Welcome back! Very nice A66. Get it on Phil's register. @340challconvert
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    An unusual Mopar influenced antique

    Well it would have been a steal at 22K, but it sold on 9/8 for a cool $76K.
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    new canadian w/ 73 cuda/ 440/ 5 speed

    Welcome to the site from Michigan? Nice Cudas:thumbsup:. Are they both yours?
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    New to FEBO

    Welcome to the site from Michigan! What's your plan for the '72?
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    Splash Shield Question

    Those are correct, one on each side under the frame rails. I believe all years had them. There is also an additional long plastic shield probably 16" long on the drivers side under the frame well towards the starter. I don't have a picture handy at the moment.
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    FOUND Engine Mount Brackets Small Block

    Are you sure that those are 340 brackets? I just looked at mine and neither one has the offset like that one on the left in your pic.
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    Help needed to id

    Second line is: PP (New Process the mfgr) 833 (4 spd manual trans) 3938 (10,000 day calendar, May 9, 1972) 028 (28th trans assembled that day) First line should be the last 8 digits of the VIN, but that one looks strange. 1357951 looks ok except for the last "1" and the the model year and plant...
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    Is this your Cuda?

    Thanks for offering those documents to the current owner. You probably wish that you could reunite with that Cuda again!
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    Steering coupler cross pin removal

    There is nothing that is welded. Three pieces - floor plate with a gasket which is bolted to the floor pan with three bolts, an o-ring, and the o-ring retainer which is bolted to the floor retainer with two bolts. Looks like you are also missing the the plastic retainer between the column and...
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    Steering coupler cross pin removal

    I have removed the roll pin and the small pin a few times. They were all straight and no issues removing them with the proper sized punch.
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    A newbie

    Welcome to the site Erin from Michigan. When you get a chance, post up some pictures of your Challenger.
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    Welcome to the site Kenny from Michigan. Beautiful Cuda:thumbsup:
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    Molded Gasket/Windage Tray

    I was wondering about the same thing. The embossed indentations on the factor pans seem almost wider than the rubber ridges on the one piece tray/gasket. I have not installed mine yet.
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    Molded Gasket/Windage Tray

    Did you use on it a factor pan?
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    FOR SALE 1970 Dodge Challenger B5 hemi 4 spd

    It's in the posting...........$71,500 OBO.
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    New Member from CA, with 70 'Cuda 340

    Welcome to the site from Michigan! Your Cuda is a stunner in that color:thumbsup:.
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    hello, I'm new to the site.

    Mell, welcome aboard from Michigan! Your vert is stunning:thumbsup:.
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    New Minnesota Member

    Welcome to the site from Michigan and glad you joined up! Keep us posted on that beauty.
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    Sway bar looks not quite right to me.

    My factory spacers are 1 3/4" long.
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    Sway bar looks not quite right to me.

    Another crusty original. The bar has a slight downward curve at the ends. It does not look like yours is upside down.