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  1. moparleo

    Hello everyone from Washington St.

    :welcome: Aboard. We need pictures. Thanks.
  2. moparleo

    Do I need a 90 degree oil filter adapter to run headers?

    Yes.If you want to use a good, long filter. You can angle which way you want to go.
  3. moparleo

    Old geezer doing 5.7 Hemi swap into 73 Challenger

    This site has a "New Hemi Swap" forum with these types of posts. Post your pictures and parts used as you go so other members might benefit. A lot of people doing the Gen III conversions now a days and many different ways to do it. Good luck.
  4. moparleo

    Ok to use A body 9" Drum Spindle Issue

    You need to talk to a machinist/engineer who knows exactly what components and what loads are going to be put on these parts.Why are you doing this ?? Anytime you try to "re-engineer" something you will most likely find it wasn't as good an idea as it seemed. There are so many high quality...
  5. moparleo

    How do I Identify what year a 6.4L Hemi was built and it's origin???

    Call the dealer. They should be able to decipher factory part numbers. The factory computer that came with it should give you all the info that you need. Hope you got that as well....
  6. moparleo

    Various HEMI questions, before I step up my HEMI search.. :-D

    Prepare to spend $$$$. Aluminum crate street motor ?? Not really any market for them. Aluminum really only intended for racing purposes, not for durability or street driving. Highly stressed for very short periods of time with constant refreshing. Not very practical for the street unless you...
  7. moparleo

    FOR SALE NOS Outside door handles

    It won't matter once it it installed and tightened up. Buy Mopar. Read that Direct Connection is coming back !
  8. moparleo

    License Plate advice

    Everybody knows what the real answer is. It is not legal. Period. Use them at your own risk. You can only hope that if you do, you are pulled over by a fellow Mopar fan. No matter what you may be pulled over for, your plates and tags are the first thing that will be checked.
  9. moparleo

    my challenger project

    :welcome: aboard. You sound pretty grown up for 14. Great job. We need pictures no matter what stage your project is in. Much fun ahead. $$$ Similar to Adam except my oldest grandson is 18 and doesn't even have a permit yet and doesn't care.
  10. moparleo

    FOR SALE NOS Outside door handles

    Matt, looks like the mounting stud that is swaged into the handle housing popped loose.
  11. moparleo

    15" Rally wheels

  12. moparleo

    Never seen this brand of tires...

    The DOT code has all of the info on who, what, when and where.
  13. moparleo

    15" Rally wheels

    They generally were either 6.5" or the more rare 7" size. The price will always depend on the condition of the wheel. Rusty ? Bent ? Lugnut race area worn/damaged ? Date codes important ? Buying or selling ? As always, fair price means whatever the two parties agree on. No Set prices out there.
  14. moparleo

    This has to hurt!

    Look for a "fire sale" on eBay...
  15. moparleo

    Door Glass guides/slides - 70 Challenger

    A lot of companies shipping small parts will put them in a large box to prevent loss. Harder to lose a 12" x 12" box in shipping, than an envelope. In the grand scheme of things since you have the assembly out anyway, why not reassemble with known, good parts. Seems like a no brainer. JMO.
  16. moparleo

    new canadian w/ 73 cuda/ 440/ 5 speed

    :welcome: aboard.
  17. moparleo

    Hello E-Body Fans

    :welcome: aboard. Very nice school of fish there ! Current underhood pictures ?
  18. moparleo

    Hello from Sweden

    :welcome: aboard. Show us what you have .
  19. moparleo

    Dumb question on timing

    Pictures are worth a thousand words. Can you take a picture of your carb/intake set up ? Is this a new problem ? For fuel to boil, you need heat. Anything newly replaced or done other than just a timing change. Is the vacuum advance connected. How do you know what the advance curve is if you...