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    Thus it begins

    At least the Dougs headers don't have the steering going through the &you can change 5 & 7 spark plug !! would lose the Fram filter & get a Wix for $6
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    First timer

    Welcome to the site Dan
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    Down under Challenger.

    Welcome from Panama , looks like a later build near the end for the 70 model year .
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    New member

    Welcome , I have done a few of these swaps over the years , happy to help out !
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    High flow air filter with limited space on 440.

    Like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/383482927388?epid=1017813805&hash=item59495d191c:g:MvAAAOSw9D1egNJI:sc:ShippingMethodExpress!33126!US!-1 or this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/284790739429?epid=673196473&hash=item424ed9d1e5:g:tWIAAOSw87dia0Vv
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    High flow air filter with limited space on 440.

    something like this might work https://www.ebay.com/itm/384692079853?epid=169109178&hash=item59916f4ced:g:u5cAAOSw9khh6xPz:sc:ShippingMethodExpress!33126!US!-1 I have seen similar ones with 2 4" round filters pointed forward but I can't seem t locate one right now .
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    I generally use Proform with adjustable air bleeds & 2x the CI for size . With Eddy you have to change both the metering rods & the jets to make small jetting changes & there is no air bleed adjustment if the cam is not stock in your engine .
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    Biggest back tire

    I have always found the opposite , the 275 is too narrow & 60 makes it too darn tall , I went with a 295 /50 , with the narrowed diff 305-315 width should easily fit especially with a 17" rim
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    Eddy are tough to make minor adjustments to & usually are too lean , not the best carb IMO
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    Bump the timing up it will run better , cooler & more efficiently .
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    New stroker engine burning oil

    Or slide a camera in there & take a look , or just pull the head . Something is not right in there !
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    bump the timing up to about 16* BTDC the temps will drop
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    New stroker engine burning oil

    It would depend if the plug gap was properly checked when they were installed & if the were dropped .
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    New stroker engine burning oil

    I would start with a compression test , & you can get a cheap camera to plug into a smart phone that will fit in the spark plug hole to take a look inside also .
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    New Member/Old Owner

    Welcome to the site . many of us have sold & regretted later on .
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    904 rebuild questions...

    the spring dampens the piston movement for softer shifts , the faster it shifts the less damage / wear to the clutches , I would always make them shift harder .
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    Clutch fan alternative to original

    I have used the Jaguar clutch , it is the right bolt pattern & short & combined that with a 6 blade Flex-A_Lite fan , it is a great alternative & a reasonable price
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    Help with Big Block OIL Problem

    I have seen cams not drilled .
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    block heater delete

    The cord should unplug from the heater , there will be a frost plug to fit the hole but they can be hard to install if there is not a room to drive them in .
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    Camaro horseshoe

    The Mopar trans has a longer throw between Reverse & Park than the rest of the gears so generally you can get 1-2-D-N-R to line up but park wont go , if you get Park to work the rest of the gear don't line up correctly . Cheetah shifters are the only ones I knoow of that are designed to work...