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    There's a big difference between the shaker setup on my 2015 Challenger and my 1971 shaker. The 71 is shorter height, larger in circumference and totally different baseplate. The hoods and scoop openings aren't even close. See photos Terry W.
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    crome strip under windshield----what goes in this indention

    Stand-offs for wiper pivots to bolt on underneath. Terry W.
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    Legendary Auto Upholstery

    Is SMS Auto Fabrics in Canby Oregon doing any better on delivery? Terry W.
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    70 & 71 Challenger Convertible Pics & Info

    Nice Cars. I really like them also. Terry W.
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    Some update on my Silver Challenger 70

    Looks great. Terry W.
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    What are these brackets for?

    I would say an A/C condenser if the car had A/C at one time. Terry W.
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    triangle indentations on windshield trim

    Also note on my car that two of the bolts to mount the pivot are black oxide and the top one on the stainless trim is chrome. Terry W
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    triangle indentations on windshield trim

    Foam gasket slips over wiper pivot shaft. You can see the white gasket around wiper shaft in my first photo. Terry W.
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    triangle indentations on windshield trim

    A screw. It is one of the 3 bolts for wiper pivot. Terry W.
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    72 Challenger 340 fan belt and pulley configuration

    Are you putting the stock RV2 type A/C compressor back on or are you going with a new style compressor? That can determine your belt setup. If you want something more modern, there's the serpentine belt drive systems. Terry W.
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    8HP70 transmission in 1971 Dodge Challenger

    This is very interesting. With the new b-body reinforcement tunnel, how will the carpet fit? I've thought about doing this to a 74 Charger i have. Terry W.
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    FOUND Center Dash AC vent assembly wanted

    Yella 71 seems to have a lot of parts people are looking for. Relatively new member. Terry W.
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    FOUND 71 Challenger Hood Latch and lever

    Yella 71 seems to have a lot of parts people are looking for. Relatively new member. T Walker
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    challenger rear windows

    From the other e-body website: Cuda quarter window structure reinforcing plate in Body Shop Also apparently on Challengers. Terry W.
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    So.....who likes Challengers?????

    I do. Terry W.
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    1971 Challenger Convertible

    https://340shakerrt.wix.com/dcshakers Registry of some. Terry W.
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    1971 Challenger Convertible

    I have a 340 convertible 71 Challenger with Shaker and have seen a couple more and one 383 convertible 71 Challenger shaker. All 71 convertibles are non-R/Ts. Terry W.
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    rust under the decal

    And to answer your original question about the vinyl stripe removal- a heat gun may work. You can give it a try but the rust bubbling may have expanded the vinyl and it may not go back flat over the repair correctly. The age of the vinyl will have a lot to do with ease of removal. A shop that...
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    rust under the decal

    I'll tell you right now, that rust, when removed, is going to leave a huge hole on the top and side of the fender. If you just fill it in, that will not stop the rust progression. It looks as if the plastic fender shield that keeps mud from piling up above the headlight buckets is either missing...
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    WTB Needed: 1970-74 Dodge Challenger Driver's Side Fender

    70-71 use the same side marker light. 72-74 use the same side marker light different from the 70-71. 1970 and some early 1971 Challengers did not have a grille support bracket notch cut out from fender front support. Terry W.