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  1. J

    FOR SALE 1968-1970 340 HP exhaust manifolds

    1968-1970 340 HP exhaust manifolds, 2863553 date code 09148, 2863549 date code 08278, heat riser weight and shaft present but loose, flap gone, no cracks or damage. Will ship and insure on buyer's nickel, or pick up in SE Ky. $700
  2. J

    Summit Discount Code????

    Getting ready to place an order at Summit Racing, anyone got a good discount code they would be willing to share??? TIA, jess
  3. J

    Parts deliverable to Columbus Swap Nov 15

    Mopar parts for sale, actual cost of shipping extra 70 440 Six Pack setup including Air Cleaner Sold 2948277 iron 440 Six Pack Intake Manifold Sold BB Dual Snorkel 4 barrel Air Cleaner Sold 71 BB Dual Snorkel 4 barrel Air Cleaner 250 3.91 Power Lock 742 Case 8.75 stump 450...
  4. J

    E body top of door panel clips (3) how do they fit??

    Anyone got a pic of how the three metal clips on the top of an e body door panel fit the door? Mine just don't seem to fit and work correctly. Do they hang over the on the window side (inside) of the inner door structure panel or clip to the outside of it (the inner part of the door the panel...
  5. J

    Challenger Ralley Hood underside pad???

    Anyone know if the commercially available molded hood pads will fit over a 440 six pack with stock oval air cleaner in a 70 challenger with the ralley hood? Jess