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    FOR SALE 1970 Chall. R/T headlight bezel set.

    I have this set of bezels for sale . Brand new in box. I will ship to Cont US. Located in 64701. 200$ + around 20$ to ship.
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    Paint question..sealer

    OK, I took the advice of some on here and removed the edp coating on my new fenders, and sure enough, there were some minor pits in the metal with rust growing in them. My question is , what is the best primer or sealer to spray these bare fenders with. I need to coat them before they flash...
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    1970 Challenger grille mounting

    I've decided to go with '70 Grille in my '71, 'cause I want a new one, and I refuse to pay 1500$ for a cracked, warped, repaired, pitted, etc. original '71 grille. Besides, I like the '70 much better. And, I have a brand new pair of NOS /70 headlight bezels. My car was a basket case when I...
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    Painting order...fender wells coating...71C

    Car is overall primed, I am ready to start painting the inside and cutting in everything else. Wondering about the inner fender wells front and back ...what coating from the factory, and when was it applied in the painting process order? One other question: Were the cars of all colors primed...
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    Progress on my 71 Challenger

    Well, after suffering a few months of burnout, I'm back at it. Got my new fenders the other day, and they look great. The frame connectors turned out well, too. Putting together a 500 inch 426H with auto, Dana 60. Took a picture on my lift...looks like a perfect launch angle.
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    Which 727 to use?

    I have a bb 727 (1967 383 2bbl) and a 1976 truck (u-joint flange 400/440 short tail) version to build. Placing this in my 71 Challenger 426H. Any thoughts on pros/cons of each. I will be running on street with mild convertor.
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    FOR SALE E Body rear frame rail repais sections

    Bought from Year One for a Cuda that ended up needing full rails. Located just south of KC. 200$
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    FOR SALE 70 Challenger taillight panel. Orig.

    Got this with my 71, it's quite straight, and removed gently. Has a small rusted spot pictured, but only rusted there. Had a small section of lower weld flange replaced. Located in KC area. $240
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    WTB E body 426H street headers 71 Chall. glass hood and deck

    I'm in the KC area. Need a bunch of 71 stuff. 4 speed pedals, too. Might drive a ways but no shipping on big stuff.
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    ID a couple of front pans

    If I can get this thing to post pictures, I would like to know what these fit. I can't find any numbers on them.
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    Help me ID these pans

    Trying to ID all my junk so I can thin out the herd
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    Frame connectors....oh, the humanity!

    I am finally installing my frame connectors. If you don't hear from me by tomorrow, send a search party
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    71 challenger engine compartment harness from firewall

    Is there anything available , the harness that plugs into the fuse block junction at the firewall on the engine side. Or at least the plug?
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    Early seventies 4 speed ID

    I acquired a 4 speed today from An old friend, he had a 72 Challenger with a 340 4 speed(no idea if any of it was original). He bought it 30 years ago from a wrecker in KC. I will post the numbers and I would appreciate any help with the ID. I know I could look it up but I am sure at least...
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    K-member, a-arms paint and texture. 71 Challenger

    Please tell me the correct color and texture for the k-member and a-arms...torsion bars, too. Thanks
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    WTB Wanted: 1971 Challenger upper grill support

    Also need hood latch and hinges. Corey in Raymore, Mo. 8163180117
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    Need Nomenclature Name for 71 Challenger part

    Can someone please tell me the correct name (and part number if possible) for the metal panel that runs from front fender to fender and attaches to the front of the radiator support directly in front of the hood latch? Also any other small part used to attach it to the car. Note: I'm using a...
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    Challenger radiator support orientation

    Could any of you'all tell me the distance between the firewall and the radiator support for my 71 Challenger? I am ready to weld the rad support to the new inner fender wells.
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    Quantity of paint needed for Challenger

    I'd like to ask anyone who knows the amount of mixed paint to I need to do the top to bottom and interior spray on my 71 Challenger. Just restored, in primer, all new floors and practically everything el$e. I am using acrylic enamel, most likely in slime green. Thanks
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    383 head casting number question

    Got this 383 with my Challenger. F383 stamp at dist. I pulled the valve covers to read the head casting and found number 34823gap 6 on both heads. They are hard to read. I am posting pix in hope someone will know the answer.