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  1. J

    70 cuda front end offset to drivers side?

    Pull both tires and measure the length (both sides, from bushing to ball joint) of each upper control arm. Inspect the mounting points of each upper control arm, compare from side to side. These cars are 50 years old, lots can happen. jt
  2. J

    Rear Sway Bar with Dana 60?

    Hello SCHU: I searched through the restoration pics of my car and these are the best I could find of what you are searching for, hope they are of some help to you. In the first pic you can see the bottom of the "dual exhaust" dr side hanger at the very top of the pic. The "welded on" hanger on...
  3. J

    Rear Sway Bar with Dana 60?

    70 Challenger, Dana 60, Factory rear sway bar
  4. J

    Rear Sway Bar with Dana 60?

    It's my understanding no Dana equipped E body got a rear sway bar. (They will fit and clear everything though). jt
  5. J

    70 Challenger- Dynacorn floor gap?!? Whats it for?

    You're right about the seat belt bracket (I believe it would be prudent and take up some space to add to the thickness of the SB mount), then maybe you could heat and bend the wheelwell over to mate up?? Judging from the shot of my (original) wheelwell/floorpan, it appears they left the...
  6. J

    WTB AAR exhaust manifolds needed

    Would these be correct for your car? 2863553 date code 09148, 2863549 date code 08278,
  7. J

    Early seventies 4 speed ID

    My money is on a late 70's F body.:confused:
  8. J

    tilt column

  9. J

    Anyone have leaf spring relocation kit and a factory rear sway bar?

    I have a stock E body rear sway bar on my 70 challenger with Dr. Diff's offset rear hangers and a B body Dana 60. I have Accurate LTD's 2.5 inch exhaust system. It is configured as stock and fit easily around everything. There's no need to heat the bar, just put it in a press and bend it. (...
  10. J

    Brewers Performance Overdrive A833

    "noisier than stock A833 gears" I've been running one for a few years now and this is the ONLY complaint I have. All gears that work through the countershaft (not just reverse) are noisier than the 18 spline I replaced with it (don't have near the mileage on it either though (still breaking...
  11. J

    Location of fuel filler on a 70 6pk Challenger on Ebay?

    Looks like a Cuda rear side marker retainer??
  12. J

    FOR SALE 1968-1970 340 HP exhaust manifolds

    1968-1970 340 HP exhaust manifolds, 2863553 date code 09148, 2863549 date code 08278, heat riser weight and shaft present but loose, flap gone, no cracks or damage. Will ship and insure on buyer's nickel, or pick up in SE Ky. $700
  13. J

    Throttle Linkage issues, 70 Challenger 440

    maybe this??? Edelbrock 1481: Gold Throttle Lever Adapter for Chrysler 1966 and Later | JEGS
  14. J

    Sway bar looks not quite right to me.

    Mine is aftermarket, but it's 1 5/8 inches.
  15. J

    Sway bar looks not quite right to me.

    I believe your sway bar is upside down?
  16. J

    Question, one or two piece brake lines?

    If they are referring to the long brake line(s) that go to the back of the car, they mean the valve under the driver floor pan,(you can see it to the left in the second pic). Not all cars had the valve and would use a one piece line.
  17. J

    Summit Discount Code????

    Getting ready to place an order at Summit Racing, anyone got a good discount code they would be willing to share??? TIA, jess
  18. J

    Need a picture of the quarter window lower rear corner

    Here's another shot from behind with the drip rail attached.
  19. J

    Need a picture of the quarter window lower rear corner

    The drip rail actually stops short of the corner of the window. I attached a pic of my car without the drip rail chrome attached. If you zoom in you can see it pretty well. Hope it helps. Jess in ky