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  1. 340 Slapstick

    Date code 727 will it fit?

    I have a 727 trans STAMPED PK3898866 5689 3003 will it fit my 69 date coded 340? the torque converter cover plate doesn't line up with the holes on my trans. thanks for any light shed on this.:BangHead: will go by the engine builder and see if the plate lines up with the holes on the back of my 340
  2. 340 Slapstick

    Both sides of my fuse panel are hot

    I was hooking up my stereo and found out that the accessory side my fuse panel is hot at all times no matter the position of the key. Both the Black wire side and the Red wire side. I am in the process of restoring this 70 Gran Coupe and the under dash wiring was in such good shape (looks) so I...
  3. 340 Slapstick

    FOR SALE Standard dash surround with new wood grain

    Woodgrain is darker of the two options on aluminum surround plate. $65
  4. 340 Slapstick

    SOLD Challenger outer door handles

    Brand new LH and RH outer door handles never installed. Wondering if anybody needs these before I ship them back. My wife accidentally ordered the Challenger ones instead of the ones for a Barracuda. Price Is cheaper than the cost on Year one. Shipping extra or local pick up $125
  5. 340 Slapstick

    Round module next to flasher module under dash

    As I assemble a interior from a complete tear down i noticed that when I hook up my battery to check lights and stereo this little cylindrical unit that plugs into a connector shaped like a headlight connector it gets hot for some reason. Anything I should worry about? I’m reusing the original...
  6. 340 Slapstick


    I took my gran coupe all apart and as I put it all back together I have re-used the overhead console wiring. I didn't see any wiring for the seat belts to trigger the warning light. I wonder if I can get a little harness add on or?? how do I get the light to go off once I get going in the car. I...
  7. 340 Slapstick


    3/8 line with 1/4” return LIKE NEW! Very very low miles looks clean $30 plus shipping
  8. 340 Slapstick

    FOR SALE FUEL RETURN LINE BRAND NEW 1970 -74 barracuda

    Installed but never used or driven with. Cost ME $99 plus shipping will sell $108 shipped
  9. 340 Slapstick


    Good solid seats need to be recovered and possibly repair the foam or replace the foam on one seat. Missing one hinge cover. (2 are new) Comes with good tracks in St. Louis Missouri $800 obo
  10. 340 Slapstick

    SOLD 1970-1973 trunk weatherstrip

    Brand new unopened correct for Cuda barracuda, e-body check your application. Fits 1970 to Early 1973 $20 plus shipping.
  11. 340 Slapstick

    SOLD Challenger exterior screws

    Accidentally ordered for 1970-74 challenger Headlight screws, parking light screws, parking light bezel screws License plate screws, mirror screws. $24 shipped To continental US. St. Louis, MO 63146
  12. 340 Slapstick

    SOLD License plate spring assembly

    New from year one. Mis-ordered st. Louis, MO 63146 $75 shipped to continental us
  13. 340 Slapstick

    New to febo finishing my 1970 gran coupe

    Originally a Vitamin C burnt orange interior 318 auto putting in a built 340 727 new wiring