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    Seriously thinking about buying this car .

    That's spooky. I've had that same dream!
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    Cup holders for classic Cuda

    I have a similar cup holder as depicted in photo but it has too much lip at times.
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    Two of my cars.....

    Nice vehicles! Is that a 10 Bolt GM rear end section driving those blades?
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    Sway Bar Upgrade

    I really appreciate all the feedback concerning suspension replacement. Like a lot of things the more you research the grayer it appears. Not doing auto cross but would like a very good suspension. Thanks Mitch and entire site for your valuable responses.
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    Sway Bar Upgrade

    Thanks Psycho! Do they make greaseable rear mounts for stock bars?
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    Sway Bar Upgrade

    1974 Challenger w/A57 option needs suspension upgrade. Want to start with sway bars first. Hotchkiss appears well liked this site. Thoughts otherwise? Thanks
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    Comment by 'Blaze74' in item 'A good hiding place'

    That's the way to do it!! Stuck my foot in a lot of things but never a HEMI! That sure is a sweet looking car! Hats Off to You@!
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    Comment by 'Blaze74' in item '73 Cuda 340'

    Like that color!!!
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    Comment by 'Blaze74' in item 'Huskidrive's 1970 Challenger'

    Great job! Tremendous amount of patience and determination required to produce these kind of awesome results.