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    WTB Challenger rear windshield stainles and hood inserts

    Somebody had outside rear trim pieces for sale today.
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    1970 Baracuda Restomod Begins

    Looks beautiful :thumbsup:. Now the fun part starts, putting her altogether.
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    Nice work you and your helper did :thumbsup: . Did you get your mirror re-installed:poke:
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    I agree with that. And the quality is top notch. I have gotten two of mine re-cored and tanks straightened by Bob.
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    Fuel vapor line without canister

    If you don't care about originality, you don't need to have the air cleaner and carb connected to the breather.
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    Hello from Sacramento California

    Welcome to the site from Michigan! Let's see those Mopars.
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    1970 Cuda 999 Paint code

    Hey Sammual, you should go to the Welcome Wagon and introduce yourself. Do you have a Mopar to show us?
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    New member- Ohio

    Welcome to the site from Michigan!
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    New member - Boston

    Welcome to the site from Michigan! Looks of knowledgeable folks here to help you along.
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    Hello from Missouri

    Welcome to the site from Michigan! That'll burn a little rubber :thumbsup:
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    New member but not really

    Welcome to the site from Michigan! Congrats on getting your Cuda back! Looks very nice.
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    Torsion bar install help

    They shouldn't go in that hard. You are probably going have to fix the clamp and drive that bar out to see where the interference is. Too much paint? Did you grease the bar hexes and the LCA socket?
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    interview with Josephqatarcarguy- founder Qatarcarguys #classiccars #qatar #qatar2022 #fifa2022

    Joseph, I have watched several of your videos. I have to say that Qatar is a beautiful country.
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    Hello from Central Michigan

    Welcome to the site! It doesn't matter how rough your Challenger is, you are saving it and that is what really matters. I'm almost a neighbor to ya, Midland area.
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    AMD Door Skin Problem

    What did AMD say? First time occurrence?
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    1970 Hemi Challenger 1 of 1 - Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle 7/15/22

    You might be thinking of Nick from Nick's Garage. He has a white Vanishing Point tribute car. He was actually there with his car out in the vendor area.
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    Hard to tell from the pictures. 70 pcs had a smooth surface. 71 pcs had what I would call a groove, the profile was not smooth.
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    Howdy from Montana with vin question

    Been through Miles City on highway 12 a few times. I'm from the Hettinger area. Never did make it down to Deadwood but have seen lots of cars heading that way one time when we were on I90.
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    Central PA body shops?

    If they are telling you 1 to 2 yrs, it will realistically be more like 2 to 4.
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    Hallmark Challenger Christmas Ornament for 2022

    Thanks for the heads up! Just ordered mine. Amazon just makes it too easy:D