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  1. Titan1969

    1973 Cuda - Radio Delete

    thx in advance. I dont have the original radio and wanted to install a delete plate, however Im finding those unavailable. If anyone has blocked off the radio opening and it looks good, please share some pics and what you did. Worst case Ill find a good used working radio and add in the dash...
  2. Titan1969

    Recommended companies who sell pre-bent Cuda fuel lines?

    Thanks in advance. Im going to be replacing the old rotted 5/16 line with new fuel lines. Seems many companies offer these prebent. Anyone have great a company that you recommend I purchase from?
  3. Titan1969

    Fender Tag Creation

    Thx in advance. I have been hunting for who can recreate fender tags. During the Cudas 5 year restoration the oem tag has been lost. I have used a myriad of online resource to sort out the correct numbers (except exact build#) but now looking for who might create these. Tried AG but got a...
  4. Titan1969

    Needed Gas Tank Fuel Separator - 73 Cuda

    Thx in advance. I need to replace the rotted out gas tank fuel separator like in the pic below that has the 4 lines running to it but....anyone know who sells these? I tried Classic Industries and a few other sites but no dice.
  5. Titan1969

    73 Cuda Stripes Added - Phoenix Graphics

    After much back and forth on what type of stripes to put on the Cuda, I decided to do factory correct. I really like some of the older stripes with the 340 spelled out and billboards, however since the car is numbers matching I thought it best to keep it closer to original. I bought the Phoenix...
  6. Titan1969

    340 Cuda - New Starter would not engage flywheel - SOLVED

    I wanted to post up an experience to save others time in the event they replace their starter and find the starter gear not engaging the flywheel. My starter bendix went out on the 340 Cuda this weekend and no biggie, just ordered another hi torque mini-starter from Oreillys. installed the...
  7. Titan1969

    '73 Cuda - Passanger Tail Light melting housing - FIXED

    Thx in advance for any advice. I have an issue with the pass. rear tail light is melting the housing. I have replaced the rear lens with new and the platics is thinner than I remember ( resto shop replaced the housing) on older cars. The black plastic housing got so hot , the plastic that...
  8. Titan1969

    Original sway bars, do they ever lose spring with age?

    Thx for feedback everyone. I have a 73 Cuda with factory front and rear sway bars. Im at a minimum going to replace the rubber however will the factory swaybars lose spring/tension with age like torsion bars do? I understand torsion bars are under constant pressure while swaybars are under...
  9. Titan1969

    Proper Quarter Panel Stripe - 73 Cuda 340

    Hi everyone, thanks in advance. I have a 73 nearing completion of restoration and I want to add the factory side stripe/sticker. The car is factory 340 Auto and I prefer the 340 hockey puck decal however if its not correct for a 73, I wont use it. Can anyone confirm the 340 hockey puck was an...
  10. Titan1969

    Install Trunk Trim - How To? 73 Cuda

    Thx in advance. ITs been a while since I have installed exterior trim molding so looking for any pics to guide me. I ordered the hardware install kit in the pic and have 3 trunk trim pieces to install. Trunk lid edge trim and one left trim and right trim that attached to outer fenders. Im...
  11. Titan1969

    73 Cuda - Pass Front Rubbing only during light braking

    Hi everyone thanks in advance. I have been chasing an issue that is constant when I apply the brakes the pass. front disc has a fairly loud rubbing/squeaking noise. I have... Stock Rims and Disc Brakes Checked 3x for metal shavings or signs of abnormal wear on disc Removed the shim pads...
  12. Titan1969

    73 Cuda Brake Booster Replacement - Simple but Tough

    I wanted to share a few of my experiences on replacing the power brake booster on a 73 Cuda. I purchased the picture rebuilt booster from Oriellys, it works well ( way better than 50 year old booster) but I had a few issues on install. I pulled the old booster out relatively quick but...
  13. Titan1969

    Another "no coil spark" thread with a twist

    I have solved my '73 Cuda no spark on start issue, however how I solved it remains a mystery to me. I relocated the battery to the trunk, I have done this many times on other Mopars no issues. I installed relocate kit ran wires, grounded engine to subframe and battery to rear rear frame rails...
  14. Titan1969

    WTB Pillar Interior Moldings 73 Cuda - Black

    Im looking for interior A pillar moldings that go against the windshield. thx in advance
  15. Titan1969

    73 Cuda Rear Valence - Options for filling gaps left from bumperettes

    Thx in advance everyone. I have a 73 Cuda missing the rear bumperettes so I have two gaps in the lower valence. I have read about converting to a pre-73 bumper however Im looking to just fill the gaps in the valance. One option is to pull the valence and have filled buy a reputable bodyshop and...
  16. Titan1969

    Alternator whining on charge only

    thx in advance. I have a '73 340 Cuda with a alternator that only whines when charging. Sounds like "WRRRRRR" then goes silent then repeat. Its definitely not a bearing as when I turn on headlights, the WRRRR is constant. It does charge ok. Should I just buy a new 60 amp alternator? or...
  17. Titan1969

    WTB WANTED '73 - '74 Rear Bumper Guards

    Im looking for the rear bumperettes for a 73-74 Cuda with the metal/plating in very good condition. Ill be removing the rubber in an attempt to install a chrome plate or something to dress it up, so if the rubber is damaged no problem.
  18. Titan1969

    '73 340 727 Trans - Wont Downshift all else works fine

    Thx in advance, I searched a few forums here and googled, there is a lot on the net about the 727 so thought Id start here for some advice. '73 Cuda numbers matching with a new AVS Edelbrock Carb, rebuilt 727 trans ( all stock no stall, no manual valve body) I did purchased the correct...
  19. Titan1969

    Trunk Socket - Correct? Yes / No?

    Thx in advance. My 73 Cuda was recently restored and the shop installed painless wiring kit. As Im going thorugh each issue with the car and solving them, Im now to the trunk socket. There are two bulbs listed for the socket...1004 or 1003. I bought a 1004 and it has two connecttion points on...
  20. Titan1969

    WTB Cig Lighter / Dash Assembly - PURCHASED ITEM

    Hi everyone. Im looking for a complete cigarette light/ash tray assembly that fits in the dash including the frame for the tray itself. new or used would be ok. thx in advance UPDATE....got my item thx everyoner