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    71 Cuda seat

    I have only 1 new Legendary black bucket seat cover. $100 plus shipping from 11768.
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    Fedup with Fitech

    Well I finally threw the towel in and went and took off the 2 throttle bodies and returned to the sanctity of 2 Eddy 1406 carbs. The straw that broke this camel's back was no start when hot. I went to gas station and filled my tank and went to start and cranked fine just no run. After a half...
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    Hood latch on Cuda

    Today working on my 71 Cuda I hit my head on the hood latch every time I stood up. After the 6th time I stopped counting. I was working on the cooling system, so I was pretty much at the front of the car. Anyone else have this problem? My Duster is no problem, hood goes up much higher.
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    71 Cuda seat upholstery

    I have a 71 Cuda with the original interior and I think it was the ugliest of all Mopar muscle cars. I was thinking of going with the 70 pleated seats and using the foam for the 70 on my 71 seats. The car can never be original because it has a 472 Crate Hemi, 5 speed Tremic and Dana rear. Even A...