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    1971 R/T Stripe Measurements

    I want to install these R/T stripes, but not in the wrong place. Does anyone have a measurement from top of stripe to door body line. I have looked at the engineering drawing for it, but cannot decipher it. "I'm a pharmacist, Jim. Not an engineer." Anyway, measurements for the door decal...
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    Exhaust Pops Sound Like Gunshots

    I just successfully broke in my newly rebuild 340, and it sounded great. After a few days of other tasks, I restarted it and got random, very loud exhaust pops from the right side. Alarming! Those "pops" disappear with increased rpm, but come back at idle. It is idling nicely other than...
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    Flip Top fuel cap

    My 71 R/T has a flip top cover but no fuel cap. I have looked everywhere to find a cap that works. Just a plain fuel cap. Anybody out there having the same issue? When I bought the car, it had a trashed locking cap with "753" on the top. I saw where some have used the "Stant 10571" locking...
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    Headlight relay trouble

    I did a headlight relay conversion on my 71 Challenger, and encountered some problems. Whane low beams are on, the high beam headlights have an ever so slight illumination. When the high beam is initiated by the dimmer switch, the highs (inside units) are very bright, but the lows (outside...
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    PCV Setup with Cast Aluminum Valve Covers

    I looked around to see if this subject had been addressed before, but didn't find a satisfactory answer. The valve covers have a twist-in hole and a "knock-out" hole in each. I'm not too keen on putting another hole in one cover for a PCV valve. The twist-in holes have a baffle under them, so...
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    Header installation 340 r/t

    I just finished the installation of Doug's headers on my 71 R/T 340. After spending some time assessing how to get it done, I realized that taking a few minutes to drop the drag link would be the best approach. Everything was wide open and made it a breeze to install them. Reattaching the...
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    Oil Filter Adapter Plate

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    Clutch Linkage/Z-Bar Pins

    I am in the process of rebuilding the z-bar on my 71 Challenger R\T 340. It is in reasonably good condition with the exception of the linkage pins on the arms. Lots of wear. Should this be corrected, or will it be ok to just put it back together? The clutch adjust rod end has quite a bit of...
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    Upper door hinges

    Are e body upper door hinges identical left and right side? The reason I ask is that the upper left hinge on my Challenger has a "P" stamped on it. Thanks.
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    Steering column wave washer

    I have embarked on the steering column resto. It's a floor shift column. Disassembly was uneventful until I discovered that the wave washer over the support washer inside the upper part of the column was missing. No wonder the sloppiness in the key release mechanism. I have looked everywhere...
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    Starter Relay

    I'm really showing a lot of Mopar ignorance here, but I have to ask - Where is the starter relay on a 71 Challenger R/T? It was relocated for a trunk battery application by the prior owner. I just want to put it where it belongs, not under the car somewhere.
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    Rocker Arm Wear

    The 340 is about to go back together, and in the cleaning/inspection process it appears there is significant wear on the stamped steel rocker arms. Is this a normal thing with this type of rocker? They are pretty wobbly on the shaft, and I would think that would translate into some funky stuff...
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    Comp Cams XE262H or XE 268H

    I am in the pocess of assembling my 340 for the 4-speed Challenger. I originally wanted the XE268 because I thought the rear was a 3.91 unit. I have discovered it is a 3.23, and I think the 268 may be a bit too much for the car. Will the XE262 with its shorter lift and duration be a better...
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    71 Challenger Bumper Doesn't Line Up With Brackets

    The 71 Challenger is in a state of disassembly. I noticed that when I removed the front bumper, it was attached with only the outside bumper bolts. The inside brackets were nowhere near the bumper bolt holes. The brackets are correct for both sides. Anyone have an idea as to what might be...
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    New guy pulling an engine

    Hello all, I am new to Mopars (71 Challenger, 340 4-speed), but have pulled dozens of engines in Chevys and Fords. And never in those efforts have I ever had to contend with a manual transmission. I have this pretty much figured out except for the z-bar/clutch linkage. Question is - what is...
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    The wait is over

    I finally got the 71 Challenger I have coveted for so many years. It's a 71 R/T with the 340 and a four speed. Work needs to be done, but initial inspection shows some, but fixable, rust issues. It's almost a numbers matching car. The engine is a 340, but unfortunately it's not the original...