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  1. heminut

    Three speaker dash replacement speakers

    Years ago I put some new 3.5" Radio Shack speakers in my 3 speaker dash. It was a real PIA! The larger magnets required me to get in there with a rotary file in a drill and open up the openings in the dash frame (NOT the dash pad frame) to clear the bigger magnets on the speakers, and it wasn't...
  2. heminut

    WTB A pillar trim piece

    I need a right side interior A pillar trim piece. The idiots who put my windshield in several years ago glued mine in and I broke it getting it out! I would prefer a black one, but if it's a different color I can dye it.
  3. heminut

    Dodge cancelling the Hemi?

    Has anyone heard anything about this? A friend of mine sent me the link to the article but so far this is the only thing I've found. https://www.motorious.com/articles/features-3/dodge-cancelling-hemi-v8/
  4. heminut

    Custom graphics

    Do you guys do custom graphics, such as hood callouts? I have a 5.7L Hemi in my Cuda and would like to get some graphics done for the sides of the scoops on the Rallye hood. I sent an email with the same question from your website but never got a response.
  5. heminut

    Trunk divider panel

    I am missing the divider panel that goes between the rear seat back and the trunk. I can buy a new one but the shipping is as much or more than the panel itself. I have no problem making my own if I could find the material to use for it. Right now, the best solution I can come up with id 1/8"...
  6. heminut

    Wide band vs narrow band

    Okay, I'm an old school guy and not very up to date on the new stuff, carburetors are more my speed than fuel injection. I am looking at trying using an air fuel gauge to tune my carb and I see both wide band and narrow band setups, with a considerable price difference between the two. My...
  7. heminut

    What size circuit breaker?

    I'm putting a relay box in my Cuda to run my headlights and possibly a set of fog lamps off of. I'm looking at 3 relays total, one each for high and low beams, and one for the fog lamps. Anybody have a suggestion what size amperage circuit breaker I should use for the hot wire feeding the relays?
  8. heminut

    Second time around

    This Barracuda is my second one. When I bought my first one I was actually looking for a 67 or 68 Camaro, I was pretty much a Chevy guy all the way. I had a friend that was a car salesman and I told him what I was looking for and he said "I have a Barracuda in the back that we just took in...
  9. heminut

    'Akron' Arlen Vanke

    I was doing a little reminiscing just now and thought I would put up a post about Arlen. A lot of the older guys here will remember him from his drag racing days. I met him years ago when he first moved to my town, Deming NM. My car nut buddy Jeff brought him over to the house to see my 70 Cuda...
  10. heminut

    Bucket seat adjusters

    My 70 Cuda bucket seats has Adjustable bolts on the bottom inside corners of the seatbacks and they are just bare metal. They have worn through the upholstery material, leaving holes in the material. Are the adjusters supposed to have some kind of rubber cover? If so, where can I find some, or...
  11. heminut

    WTB WTB 70 Cuda LR interior panel

    I am looking for the left rear interior side panel for my 70 Barracuda. I prefer a black one but another color will work and I can also use one that had the inserts, I know how to fill the holes. I might even consider buying a pair if the price is right. Thanks!
  12. heminut

    Template for AAR spoiler mounting?

    I got an AAR type duckbill spoiler for my Cuda but it didn't come with any kind of template for drilling the mounting holes. I really don't want to just start measuring and attempting to drill the holes if there is some kind of template out there. I would even settle for a decent drawing with...
  13. heminut

    Heminut here!

    A quick hello to all the board members. I've been a member over at Cuda-Challenger.com almost since day one, and just registered here. I have a 70 Barracuda GC kind of halfway cloned into a Cuda, with a newly installed 5.7 Hemi.