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    Syracuse Nationals

    Anyone going out to Syracuse in July? I plan to drive the Cuda out there, caravaning with a group from NH Muscle Car Club. It will be my first time at Syracuse, looks like a whopping weekend!
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    Fender codes

    The mention of codes earlier got me looking at the plate. I copied all the codes, hard with some because the a/c steel line runs across the middle of it. There are 2 codes that I could not find on the list of 69-71 option codes and also not on my original build sheet. Is there another source...
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    Intro info

    I have posted the photo I had handy, of my 1971 Barracuda. My husband bought it used in 1974, we ran it as an everyday driver until about 1980. Then it went into storage for the winter, stayed there. He did start it occasionally, it needed a few repairs, worked on it some about 20 yr ago. After...
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    Heater valve.

    The heater valve apparently separated on a seam, is noticeably leaking. I have ordered one, but would like to know if I can just block off the hoses to drive it while I wait for the part to come. Does the coolant have to circulate back to the water pump, or can I just plug up the hoses? I...
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    New member. I have a 1971 Barracuda

    I have a 1971 Barracuda, in "plum crazy" with white vinyl roof. Love driving it!