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  1. heminut

    1970 Cuda 340 4spd rally gauges dash harness needed???

    I don't have the rally dash, but I am giving serious consideration to going with this setup from Dakota Digital; https://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=1165/category_id=679/mode=prod/prd1165.htm
  2. heminut

    Need good cracking battery.

    Put a good charge on the battery (make sure the cells are topped of with distilled water) and then have a load test done on it at a shop or parts store. That will tell you if the battery is getting weak.
  3. heminut

    Best oil for T/A 340

    Agreed! The Car Quest blue line filters are made by Wix and are very good filters too. Stay away from their red line (economy) filters though, they're pretty cheaply made, and NOT by Wix!
  4. heminut

    FOR SALE E-body Luggage Racks for sale

    This needs to be posted in the 'Parts For Sale' forum, not the 'Cars For Sale' forum. Maybe you can get the Mods to move it.
  5. heminut

    EMS upgrade

    I'm in the same boat, I've heard them called ECU's and ECM's, but never EMS's.
  6. heminut

    Looking to buy a dual quad for my 72 340 la engine

    We have a 'Parts Wanted' section below, that's where you should post this.You should also post it in the Parts Wanted sections at forbbodiesonly.com and forabodiesonly.com.
  7. heminut

    73 Cuda caliber bracket

    Can't you put a Heli-Coil in it?
  8. heminut

    73 Cuda rust bucket, too far gone, but why not.

    Aren't those the reinforcement brackets for the Go Wing that mount on the underside of the trunk lid?
  9. heminut

    1973 Cuda did sun visor always hit the mirror

    Both my 70 Cudas had the cut out on the sunvisors. They would still hit the mirror if it was pushed to one side or the other. That long stem with a ball swivel on both ends would let the mirror move around a lot.
  10. heminut

    Power Steering Fluid Smoking - Normal?

    Lighten up dude! You come on here expecting someone else to solve your problem for you and then make snide remarks when it doesn't happen! Yeah, we are all here to help each other but sometimes a problem comes along that is very uncommon and no one else has run across it before and apparently...
  11. heminut

    Manifold vacuum and power brakes

    The vacuum canister is a good solution. When I rebuilt the 340 in my first Cuda I put a Mopar Performance 484/284 Purple Shaft cam in it. It was marginal on the vacuum for the power brakes. My first wife had a habit of pumping the brakes when coming to a stop, and would run out of vacuum. There...
  12. heminut

    Drivers side bucket seat bottom 1970 challenger

    We have a "Parts Wanted" section you might post this in. Probably have better luck getting it seen there.
  13. heminut

    Camber bolts

    Years ago, I WAS the "alignment guy"! I never did a bad job though, too much riding on my work.
  14. heminut

    Finally took decent pics

    Very nice! :thumbsup:
  15. heminut

    Mopars and Tomahawk steaks

    The only way to eat a steak! Well done? Eat some beef jerky! :rofl:
  16. heminut

    body gaskets seals

    That's where I sourced all of my body gaskets this time. I agree, they have quality stuff!
  17. heminut

    Ma's `cuda. A long time coming.

    If that repair doesn't hold then it's time for a new trailer! 😁
  18. heminut

    WTB 440 Magnum Orange Air Cleaner Pie Tin

    It says coming soon, whatever that means. It's that way pretty much industry wide.
  19. heminut

    71 Cuda carpet question

    Sounds like a good install! I got the mass backed carpet this time, and I was really impressed, definitely worth the extra bucks!