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  1. Juan Veldez

    Side view mirror installation

    73 Chally: I can not find any videos or anything in the parts manual on how to install the side view mirrors. I have the mirror, the gasket, the screws, that's easy. The plate that goes under the door skin is the real problem. How in the world can you align that to capture the two screws as...
  2. Juan Veldez

    Horn installation

    Anyone got a photo of the orientation of the horns on a 73 Chally? I'm thinking they need to have the horn output oriented down so water never collects in them, but my wires are too short in that configuration.
  3. Juan Veldez

    Vinyl top and headliner

    Anyone know if installing the headliner or vinyl top should come before the other? Does it matter?
  4. Juan Veldez

    Grille brackets needed

    I need both of these brackets. Any idea where I can purchase them?
  5. Juan Veldez

    Defogger mounting plate

    So I got lucky enough to probably get the last defogger motor mounting plate on earth. After speaking to Classic Industries, they think I should be happy with only receiving only one of the two parts. I kinda am, but I need someone to fabricate the other plate now, after paying full price for...
  6. Juan Veldez

    Louver vent repair

    Doesn't look like anything is actually broken, but the metal plate fell off. Looking at the other vents, I can not tell how this metal plate stays on unless the tops of the plastic pins are melted down onto the metal plate just enough to hold them in place but not stick to it and continue to let...
  7. Juan Veldez

    Kick down question

    The stud does not extend through the kick down bracket. The stud was purchased during a Mopar car show and this knowledgeable dealer said it would fit my application. I have a 340 with a thermoquad and 904 trans. Are there different widths for the bracket and are there different lengths of...
  8. Juan Veldez

    Fuel tank gauge tool

    Is there any resanable way to fully turn the lock ring on the fuel tank gauge without the tool? I'm thinking going cave man with a flat tip screwdriver and a hammer......
  9. Juan Veldez

    WTB Stereo plate question

    Looking for the stereo plate that does not have the plastic piece that bisects the rectangular opening. This plate came off an old radio and the only thing that stops it from fitting on the new radio is that piece. Worst case, I use a hot wire and remove it, but that would suck if someone REALLY...
  10. Juan Veldez

    WTB Dash louver wanted/fixed

    Does anyone fix the louvers? Or does anyone have one for sale? Thanks.
  11. Juan Veldez

    Defogger mounting question

    Cleaned up the rear window defogger. When I purchased the car, this was sketchily bolted to the cross brace below the package tray. Sounds like there is an assembly that allows it to bolt under the 6x9 speaker. Anyone know if they are available or is there another reasonable option for mounting...
  12. Juan Veldez

    Ammeter/Alternator issue

    So, after reading up a little bit on an alternator pushing more than around 60 amps, you should bypass the ammeter. Is that because it will "fry" the ammeter, fry the wiring, connections inadequate, or will it just peg the meter to the C and keep it there? Does anyone make an ammeter that looks...
  13. Juan Veldez

    Champion RC12YC plug gap

    I have a 340, stock bore, 10.5 pistons with Edelbrock performer aluminum heads, a mild cam, stock distributer, and master blaster coil. What gap should I run on the Champion RC12YC plugs? Out of the box, they range from about .30 to .35.
  14. Juan Veldez

    Heater control valve cable routing

    How does the control cable route through the firewall and over to the control valve?
  15. Juan Veldez

    Rear light welts - 73 Chally

    Are the thin black "welts" adhered to the rear lights with some type of sealant? If so, what type? My lights have something that is black and is flaking off in that area, but don't know if someone in the past tried to seal them up better or if it was factory installed?
  16. Juan Veldez

    Crankshaft bolt

    Getting ready to torque the crankshaft bolt to 100ft lbs per spec's. What's the best way to stop the motor from spinning? The flex plate is exposed. I a little concerned about lodging a screwdriver in the teeth thinking it may break off a tooth. I normally do this before installing the engine in...
  17. Juan Veldez

    Door window felt

    Where can I find the "whatever this stuff was from 50 years ago"? It's like a sticky, greasy felt that's hard and cracked. It almost looks like roofing paper.
  18. Juan Veldez

    Hood insulation/scoops

    I have the foil backed hood insulation for my Rallye hood. Since the scoops allow some air and rain through since they are not sealed, won't that air (I know it's very little) try and blow it down? And what about water? Thinking I should put a bead of sealant around the gap between the scope and...
  19. Juan Veldez

    Rallye hood scoop questions

    What type of fastener secures the insert to the scoop? Is there a gasket between the insert and the scoop? Thanks in advance!
  20. Juan Veldez

    Beauty ring adjustment

    I managed to install two of the beauty rings, but the other two will not secure to the wheel. It looks like the tabs are bent out too far to capture the steel lip of the wheel. I tried (VERY CAREFULLY) to try and bend the two tabs over, but they are tough, and I don't want to snap/break them. I...