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  1. 57fury440

    Where does this go?

    I was working on the 1974 Barracuda. When I moved it I found what appears to be a ground strap under the car. The strap from the engine to the firewall is still there. Where is this supposed to go? It is about 7 inches long. Thanks.
  2. 57fury440

    71 Barracuda Dash Tag and Title

    There is a 1971 Barracuda dash tag and title listed for sale on ebay. The V.I.N. shows it to have been a 318 car. Bid to over $300. Does this mean there will be another shady car showing up in the future? Is it even legal to sell these?
  3. 57fury440

    1974 Barracuda headliner

    I recently swapped a roof onto a 1974 Barracuda. The entire roof was done inner and outer panels. The replacement roof came off of a 1970 Barracuda. I did not realize at the time that the 74 roof uses 4 bows and the 70 uses 5 for the headliner. I would like to stay with the 4 bow headliner. Can...