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    ZDDP Experiment Results

    Hi all. I was told by a guy that adding ZDDP additive to oil would not work as it separated out from the oil and lay in the bottom of the sump and did not mix with your oil. However I went ahead anyway as I had a little plan and tons of Castrol oil I won at car shows that I wanted to use up...
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    Trunk Catch Finish

    Hi. Is the original finish on the trunk latch plate attached to the trunk lid painted or zinc? I have researched in books and online and I see both. Thanks Steve
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    #2983695 46385 What is it?

    Hi. I bought this NOS piece a while ago. I thought it was a headlight on buzzer but the one fitted to my car has only two terminals. The new part has 3 terminals. Perhaps it is a horn relay? If anyone has a parts book could you check on this for me. Thanks Steve
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    Cowl Top Panel Seal

    I saw a factory diagram which showed a small square sealing adhesive strip applied to the cowl top to seal a hole that is partially under the cowl rubber seal. The hole is in the upper cowl panel somewhere near the last two clips on the outside of the curve in the rubber on both sides. I cannot...
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    Rebuild of stock proportioning valve

    I recently rebuilt my disc brake proportioning valve with a kit I purchased off Muscle Car Research. I found their website very informative on how to identify what valve I had, and how to strip and re-assemble it. The kits are very reasonably priced/good quality and well worth purchasing. The...
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    FOUND Original Black Kick Panels

    Hi I am looking for a pair of black kick panels in good to excellent condition. Must be original Chrysler Corp not repro. If you can ship international would be appreciated. If not I can do US address and PayPal. Thanks
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    Quarter Skins

    Year One has full quarter panel and skins for sale. They do not say - but are they made by AMD?
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    WTB Original Black Kick Panels

    Hi I am looking for a pair of black kick panels in good to excellent condition. Must be original Chrysler Corp not repro. If you can ship international would be appreciated. If not I can do US address and PayPal. Thanks
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    FOUND Black A Pillar Plastic Trim

    Hi. I am looking for an original Passengers (RH) side black A pillar trim for a 1971 onwards car. The lower screw is higher up the trim than the 1970 part. Only interested in original part in good condition Can do Pay Pal and US shipping address.
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    340 Dyno Comparision

    If the link works check this out Richard Holdener compares a 340 six pack to several other muscle motors. I liked it and the 340 does well.
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    Hughes Engines Solid Cam

    I am thinking about purchasing a solid lifter Hughes cam and was wondering if any of you had run one in a 340 motor. Or any Mopar engine I guess. What did you think of it? I do like Comp Cams grinds. Have you run one and then fitted some other brand that went better or worse? Any relevant...
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    FOUND Engine Mount Brackets Small Block

    I am after the two steel bent plates that connect a 340 block to the engines mounts. I want LH and RH set. I would need you to have PayPal and be prepared to go to the post office and ship to me in New Zealand. If you live on the West Coast it would be good.
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    Heard a good one today!

    Question What is the difference between a Rottweiler and your wife? Answer A Rottweiler will eventually let go.
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    Poly Engine Mounts Set

    I see several parts sellers have the polyurethane upgraded engine mount sets. Looking to ask if they are worth buying. Vibration issues? Fitment problems?
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    What is matching numbers worth?

    How much, if any, do you think a car with the original engine and transmission is worth over a car that they have gone? I live in New Zealand were these things are not that important to most buyers. However I am curious to find out if it would be a factor in the USA. As a baseline assume we are...
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    Engine Mounts

    Who sells or makes the best reproduction engine mount? I do not mean urethane or along those lines I mean rubber like stock. I fitted an Anchor one and it is reasonable but I wondered if there is better out there.
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    Mopar Performance Springs Sagging

    Hi I was wondering if any of you have fitted the Mopar Performance rear springs and had them sag unacceptably. I fitted the rear springs and they have sagged 1.5 inches and the car has not been driven yet. It is now lower than when the 50 year old original springs were fitted.
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    Front and Rear Spoilers

    Does anyone know? were these fitted at the factory or after at the dealership?
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    Phoenix Arizona

    Hi I may have to go to Phoenix on behalf of a friend to sort out a car deal he has made. If the trip needs to go ahead it would be in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I am not confident driving in the US so I was wondering if anyone who lives in Phoenix could help me to get this car and put it in paid...
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    340 Engine Bore

    I stripped my 340 down today and have discovered a really large chamfer at the top of the bores. It is far bigger than anything I have seen before. It goes out nearly to the 4.180 of the old head gaskets. I guess the 4.080 Cometic MLS gaskets I bought will not be getting used. Is it standard or...