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  1. floyd

    FOR SALE 1/25 1971 Challenger Model Kit - Resin Conversion

    I re-discovered this model kit I purchased years ago. 1971 Challenger resin body to be used with a 1970 plastic model kit for conversion. Includes the resin body, hood, grille, taillights, a complete AMT plastic 70 Challenger kit, and an additional decal sheet with more options for detailing...
  2. floyd

    FOR SALE 70-71 Challenger 440 Exhaust System

    I just removed these to install an ECS exhaust on my Challenger. These were installed 20 plus years ago and maybe have a couple thousand miles on them. Car was always stored inside. Everything is in nice shape with no issues other than signs of multiple heat cycles and some minor corrosion...
  3. floyd

    FOR SALE 1970 Challenger P/S Taillight Housing

    Nice original RH housing. $25 plus shipping from Maryland. Thanks for the ad!
  4. floyd

    FOR SALE 1970-74 E-Body Automatic Transmission Shift Components

    Front torque shaft and transmission bracket. Both parts in excellent condition with no pitting. $45 plus shipping from Maryland. Thanks for the ad!
  5. floyd

    FOR SALE 1972-74 Rallye Dash Fascia Set

    Rallye dash woodgrain fascia set for 72-74 e-body. Fascia pieces are in relatively poor condition. Corner piece backing plate has some pitting but is undamaged otherwise. Four-hole backing plate is in good shape and will clean up nicely. All metal tabs present. $40 plus shipping from Maryland...
  6. floyd

    SOLD 1970-71 Rallye Dash Switch Panel/Corner

    Nice original part with no cracks, broken tabs, or missing pieces. Woodgrain fascia is in nice driver/survivor condition with some minor wear and imperfections. This part is out of a 4/1/70 SPD Challenger. Additional picture on request. $200 plus shipping from Maryland. Thanks for the ad!
  7. floyd

    WTB Wanted: E-body Console Lid/Door Hinge

    Looking for a hinge like this with nice plating. I believe this is the later style hinge (71-74) with a thinner gauge wire spring. Hoping the thinner gauge will help me get a better fit on center console door. Thanks'
  8. floyd

    WTB WTB: NOS 70-71 Challenger Front Valance

    Cash or trades. Thanks for the ad!
  9. floyd

    SOLD E/B-Body Power Steering Box

    P/S box dated 24 Oct 1969. $150 plus shipping or free delivery to the Stillwater, MN show in early June, Carlisle or the Nats. “SMALL shaft/sector” - 1 1/8” Thanks for the ad!
  10. floyd

    WTB Wanted- NOS/Mint Original 70 E-body Turn Signal Switch

    Looking for a 1970-only E-body turn signal switch NOS or mint used, Part number 2947905. I realize it’s a rare part and have cash waiting. I also have some rarer NOS and original parts that could be offered in trade. Thanks!
  11. floyd

    FOR SALE Restored 1970 E-Body AM/8-Track Radio

    Radio is in excellent working condition. Restored by Ward’s Classic Radio Repair in 2019. Chrome is nice with one minor bubbling flaw in one of the channel selector buttons. Additional pics on request (including pre-resto if desired). Part is located in MD $1000 plus shipping. Thanks!
  12. floyd

    FOR SALE 70s After-market E-Body AM Radio

    NOS aftermarket replacement E-body AM radio. Very similar in appearance to OEM but lacks the “Chrysler Solid State” label on the dial face. Tested and works well. Kit came with and includes an aftermarket black plastic radio surround bezel. $125 plus shipping. Thanks!
  13. floyd

    FOUND Wanted: 70 E-body 1/4 Window Up Stop Bracket

    Looking for one of these little brackets used to adjust the 1/4 window up stop. Mounts with two Allen head screws (needed as well). Pics are of the P/S and I need the drivers side, but they may be interchangeable. I believe it maybe a 70-only thing. Thanks!
  14. floyd

    WTB WTB - 70 E-Body Cowl Screen and Weatherstrip

    I am looking for a nice original RH plastic cowl screen (early style). I also need a nice original RH roof rail rubber weather strip seal. The seal needs to be the early style with the embedded metal plate that reinforces the front screw hole. No rips, cuts, or punctures. See pics. Thanks!
  15. floyd

    SOLD Challenger Parking Lights

    Really nice set of original Challenger parking lights. Will fit all years but the wiring harness connectors are correct for a 72-74. Originally from a low-mile car, I’ve had these stored for about 40 years. Perfect for a survivor and possibly even nice enough for a restored car. Asking $120 +...
  16. floyd

    FOUND 70-early 71 Bucket Seat RH Inner Hinge Cover

    Looking for a single to complete a set. Part number 2942709. Thanks
  17. floyd

    SOLD AMC Backlit Dealership Sign

    Might not be too many AMC guys here, but worth a shot. Feel free to spread the word to your AMX, Javelin, and Rebel Machine bubbas Sign face is in excellent original condition and dates to the 70s or 80s, purchased in Kenosha, WI. Light box is an NOS replacement unit that was manufactured in...
  18. floyd

    1971 Challenger Grille

    Nice original argent grille. There is only one minor chip on the P/S where the grille meets the head light bezel. There are no other cracks, missing tabs, etc. I prefer not to ship. Pick up in the DC-MD-VA area or free delivery to Carlisle (G123-124) or the Nats (D-8). Please contact me...