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    looking for my moms first car

    Let it go. The guy seems thrilled to have been the high bidder, looks to have his SO and child with him, too - let them enjoy it.
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    Extremely light wheel

    I had a Level 2 box years ago, and it didn’t feel any different than my original 50k box. The only real advantage was that the stops were set up for FR steering. A Lares rebuild will get you there for $150 instead of whatever FF or SNG is charging now. Or go Stage III. I’ve heard both good...
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    Extremely light wheel

    Application for the Ford piece?
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    Extremely light wheel

    See here: http://www.moparts.org/Tech/MoparAction/PumpItDown.pdf You can buy a shim kit like this one (GM Power Steering Pump Pressure Shim Kit), or just harvest a few shims from a spare pump. The valves can be a little tough to get apart (note the kit has a clamping tool). I just used a...
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    Extremely light wheel

    You can shim the valve in the steering pump. I just did mine and wish I went a little further as it’s still on the light side.
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    Dana 60 ?

    From what I remember, the Ford units do not have a provision on the case for a pinion snubber. So you’ll have to mount a snubber to the underside of the car. It won’t look stock because it isn’t. But it will work 100% fine.
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    Steering column rebuild Help

    No mallet! I use a fine tip red paint marker so I can see the master splines off the bench. Use some anti seize when you put the can back on and the nut will draw it down.
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    Steering column rebuild Help

    The nut holding the can is supposed to be torqued to 60 foot lbs. It can move a bit until you torque it, which is easiest to do once it’s in the car.
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    A new move over from abodiesonly hello all new project 73 rally challenger

    Here you go, part 1000098. Not sure if you can buy the studs if your originals are gone. R/T Specialties - Mopar Fasteners, Clips & Hardware
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    A new move over from abodiesonly hello all new project 73 rally challenger

    If I remember correctly, there are studs that are welded to the sheetmetal, and a plastic clip locates the trim on the stud.
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    Plastic steering shaft connectors broke

    Loctite 660 is what the factory used.
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    Borgeson power steering unite

    Core charges on new boxes are around $250. It should have been worth at least a 50 spot to someone.
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    70 power steering gear box what other years and cars interchange

    Direct replacement is, I believe, 67-72. I just got a Lares rebuild from Rock Auto for $150 (core charge was $250). They were the only remanufacturer that got good reviews on the boards. I sprung for a "stage 2" box years ago but wasn't that impressed - it felt the same as my 50,000 mile...
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    Converting 74 Challenger bumper to 72 with no filler or bumper guards

    On my 73, I just used 72 bumpers and brackets front and rear. From what I remember, they bolted on with no issues. You can use 70-72 bumpers and brackets, but there are differences. Just make sure the bumpers you are using are the same years as the brackets.
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    Cuda Front Valance and Insert Fasteners

    The valance insert has screws on the ends but takes bolts on the back side to secure the tabs. I am trying to find the insert bolts myself. Anyone have an original they can measure?
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    Topless ‘Cuda

    These cars had a lot of variance built in, so it's possible that it's still ok but I'd want to get it on a frame rack to know for sure. Unless it's got frame ties, the rockers are the only thing holding it together right now.
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    Topless ‘Cuda

    I would have someone who knows what they are doing put that car back together. Who knows how much that body has sagged/twisted from the top getting chopped off. I believe AMD is making the inner panels that you need to join that donor roof to the rear structure. I'm not sure what the best way...
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    Wicked pissed off 😡

    275/60s should fit with no issue (I had them on my 73 Challenger). Either the wheel specs are off or the rear isn't the original.