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    New Build 440 overheating

    Bingo - allowing full flow will cool much better. I’ve seen this problem before - if both engines have the same symptom, I believe you’ve found the root cause.
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    New Here

    Great looking car. My 70 SE has that rare side belt molding option too, and finding replacements isn’t easy, so take good care of it.
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    New Build 440 overheating

    While the wrong thermostat will create the same symptoms, I’m wondering if the engine builder used the wrong head gasket twice? Gasket material blocking the cooling ports will generate those run away temps. I have a fresh built 383, that I bumped up to a 496, with a little help from 440 source...
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    Yeah that’s my ex too. Once you get past the worn out part, it’s not to bad, but the paint and body work are starting to fade…..
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    Greetings from Mi

    Hello everyone, yes I’m another new member. I’ve got a 1970 Challenger S.E. I’ve been working on. I put the project on hold during Covid, and I’m planning on pulling the car out of storage later this year.