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  1. rogue

    Carpet Installation

    you can actually reach the bolts without jacking the car up
  2. rogue

    fuel and air

    i can echo what MoparCarGuy said above about complete upgrade... only difference for me was using FITech
  3. rogue

    Mopar 727 small block transmission from 1987

    this has some info on how to identify lockup v. non-lockup https://www.allpar.com/threads/mechanical-override-lockup-torque-converters.230030/
  4. rogue

    1970 Hemi Cuda at auction, 86 original miles.

    uh yeah, makes you wonder if it's legit... would definitely need to see verified documentation before bidding on that...
  5. rogue

    Legendary Auto Upholstery

    good vendors take your order but don't charge until the order is fulfilled
  6. rogue

    318 2bll

    you can use after market cables, lokar makes nice ones
  7. rogue

    Fuel tank question

    what are you using for a fuel pump? Personally, i'd recommend ditching the stock tank and getting one designed for FI (eg. from Tanks Inc) with an in-tank pump. They're designed for return and venting considerations.
  8. rogue

    727 part number id assist

    it's been rebuilt previously but otherwise original. Appreciate all the help with figuring this out... i got the parts for the rebuild ordered today
  9. rogue

    727 part number id assist

    awesome info... thank you @VOETOM ! helps when you can figure out the number correctly
  10. rogue

    727 part number id assist

    btw, thanks for the info
  11. rogue

    727 part number id assist

    pretty sure the 6 is correct... possible after looking more the last digit is an 8, not a 3... so 4348768, which i've found some reference to as a non-lock from a 318? So probably what MarkLevi says... though if i read and decode the date stamp correctly it would be from june 28, 1985 so not...
  12. rogue

    727 part number id assist

    i'm rebuilding it myself, just want to make sure i'm getting the correct stuff for it.
  13. rogue

    727 part number id assist

    been in the car for a few years... just needs a rebuild
  14. rogue

    727 part number id assist

    I've found plenty of references that list 727 part numbers but for some reason the part number i have is never listed. Can anyone ID this part number. If i believe the date code indicates Friday, June 28, 1985 and the PK means the kokomo plant. thanks! PK4348763 8736
  15. rogue

    voltage to instrument panel lights?

    cool... thanks for the pic... very helpful
  16. rogue

    voltage to instrument panel lights?

    thanks Devin, i think i'll try to clean one up as suggested and see how that goes... if poorly i'll hit you up.
  17. rogue

    Starting my 408 Stroker build...

    late to the thread but i run an old holley strip dominator on my 340 (not stroked) with FITech fuel injection and it runs great. I run 100 octane in it which is readily available from a nearby Sunoco. Needless to say i'm not driving it extensively thus i'm willing to pay the price for the 100...
  18. rogue

    voltage to instrument panel lights?

    I'm assuming you don't mean that the light bar has to be removed to change the bulbs just that you can remove the bulbs without removing the bar or crawling up under the dash right? @70chall440 i've bypassed for now but i'll see if i can take one apart, clean it and get it functional. Thanks...
  19. rogue

    voltage to instrument panel lights?

    thanks all... i'll probably just bypass it for now (good suggestion)... it's definitely not the supply voltage.