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    2008 Viper

    Posting for a friend 2008 with less than 8k miles...loaded with everything and absolutely MINT PERFECT condition. 6 speed with a 525 H.P. V-10....truly a megacar!! No issues, races, accidents, problems or stories. Super clean CarFax. lots more pics and info. Original winder sticker is...
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    Gotham Auto Works - Now selling Chemical Guys car care Products !

    We've put together a collection of some of the best products from Chemicel Guys to help keep your car looking its best ! Heres what you get 10 Microfiber towels 2 Grit Guards (You supply the 5 gallon buckets) 16 ounce bottle of Glass Workz glass cleaner. (dilute 50/50 with distilled...
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    Help a Mopar win a $100 off a detail from Gotham Auto

    My shop has been doing weekly facebook contests were whoever receives the most "likes" for their car wins a $100 Gift Certificate for detailing. Last weeks winner was a 64 Dodge. This week we have a bad ass Challenger R/T SE entered. Please take a minute to like our page and the picture of...
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    Detailing Supplies

    What do you use ? Were do you get them ? Im looking into adding sales to our shop. We would be selling Meguiars, Mothers and 3M to start. Im hoping to be able to build a good mail order business with it. So the questions are, Do you use detailing supplies from the above manufactures ? If yes...
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    Whos on Facebook ?

    Hi guys, I did this on fabo and fbbo and it worked well. If you own a business post your companies page here. Then we can all add each others pages to our favorites. Also members can like us to see what we do away from Mopars. Heres mine https://www.facebook.com/GothamAutoWorks
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    Ct area members, Carsile detailing special

    EXTERIOR: -Hand Wash and Dry -Clay bar treatment of all exterior paint and metal surfaces -Clean and dress engine bay (by request) -Low Speed compound -Machine polish -Machine glaze and wax adhesion promoter applied -Premium wax to all paint and metal surfaces -Rims, tires and wheel...
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    2004 Dodge Viper, 1 of 200

    Listing for a friend, Loaded 2004 Dodge Viper SRT Mamba Edition. One of only 200 in the world. Loaded, mint, and gorgeous!! Only 14k miles. V-10 engine, 545 h.p., 6-speed. asking $44,000 This car is a theft recovery and has a reconstructed title however the car was not wrecked. For...
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    CT members, Get together 2011

    Hi guys, I'm hoping we can have a get together this coming year. I have a new job, I'm part owner in a high end detail shop in Danbury, http://www.gothamauto.com I'm hoping to do an open house/get together this year. We had a blast last time I did one with the A body guys.
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    facebook users?

    I've put together a facebook page for anyone interested. It came in handy for fabo when the server crashed the other week. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000356151620#!/pages/For-E-Bodies-Only/160783903941392?v=wall
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    DP epoxy primer for sale

    DP epoxy primer for sale I have 2 quarts of DP-LF Primer for sale. 1 full quart of DP50 and a half quart each of DP40 and DP50. These can be mixed together, The only difference is the color 40 = greenish gray 50 = light gray I also have a can of activator I will through in a cheapy...
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    Tools for sale in CT

    Going on a major cleaning spree Engine hoist used, $100 http://www.summitracing.com/parts/SU...8/?image=large Michelin engine hoist with leveler, $200 Michelin Hydraulic Floor Jack $75 http://www.hugediscountmall.com/Mich...ack-p-568.html Engine stand $35 Campbell Hausfeld...
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    CT members. Get together July 18

    Im putting together a Mopar night at Marcus Dairy in Danbury CT on July 18th. If you have never been theres its right off of exit 3 on I-84. Any interest ?
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    Rallye centers wanted.

    Im looking for 2 BBP Rallye wheel center caps. either 70 or 71 cone style. email amr_resto@yahoo.com or PM me here.
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    71 Shaker Barracuda

    I posted this project before but removed it when the owner got grumpy. Now he says go a head and post it so Its back. This is a 71 Barracuda, 383-4bbl, 4 spd car that's claimed to be a factory shaker, rear louver car. Hes added the gilled fenders and cut out valance and swapped in a...
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    Nice tires !

    They must have been all out of big ones. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Plymouth-Barracuda-1972-Plymouth-Barracuda-440_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6409QQihZ008QQitemZ180324923595QQtcZphoto
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    UniSteer rack

    Does anyone have experience with the Uni-Steer power rack set up ? My main concern is header clearance and steering columns. The car is a Barracuda with a 440 and I believe the headers are 2" super comps but may be 1-7/8" headers. UniSteer says the rack clears factory manifolds and TTI...