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  1. moparleo

    440 Swap into a 318 car

    The 440 will need all of its accessories and pulleys etc...If you want to use the original wiring harness a few mods will need to be done but honestly the harnesses are a constant problem on an old Mopar. After 50 years the insulation gets hard and is prone to cracking. Grounds are corroded...
  2. moparleo

    Carburator too rich

    A lot of missing info. Just a stock build 383 with a 750 Holley ? Or....
  3. moparleo

    Fuel Sending Unit

    Remove the sending unit and test it before you start buying a bunch of parts. They are a very simple mechanism and it could just be a poor connection causing the wide fluctuations and might be repairable.
  4. moparleo

    Distributor #1 wire position

  5. moparleo

    New Vinyl Top

    Top looks great. Doors look to need a little adjustment.
  6. moparleo

    Timing Chain Tensioner with Double Roller Chain

    Yeah. To heck with the manufacturer's warnings. After all, what do they know anyway.... Of course when it is time to put in a claim for a failed part/application.?....
  7. moparleo

    Loose Front End

    It sure would be nice to go back to the old emoji symbols. These are just don't go with an automotive sites response symbols. Hearts and smiles ??? Really ??
  8. moparleo

    360 magnum throttle bracket

    Pictures make it a lot more interesting and educational.
  9. moparleo

    Which shifter is correct for a 71 challenger R/T

    T only 70 had the button on top of the knob.
  10. moparleo

    Another New Member

    :welcome: aboard. Lets see what they look like.
  11. moparleo

    Fuel Sending Unit

    No guarantee they will be accurate either. There are videos on calibration, but the old float style will never be accurate like modern units are. Very old technology. Just a rheostat type.
  12. moparleo


    If you are talking about using the stock, slapstick shifter. Here is a link from another Mopar site. The shifter will work but the trans needs to have the shift levers swapped from the 727 to the 518 for it to work. It is covered in this link. 727 to A518 swap a novice guide.
  13. moparleo

    FOR SALE Nice BUDGE car cover for Sale - 1970 Challenger

    And a stock picture would be good. Fitted with mirror pockets ? Antenna hole ? Zip up cutouts for doors ?
  14. moparleo

    360 magnum throttle bracket

    Not too many intake choices. As far as the angle of the intake bolts, a good vice should be able to bend yours to 90° fairly simply. Mancini does stock several brackets, not sure about the Magnum intake though.
  15. moparleo

    Hello from Down Under

    :welcome: aboard. Much fun ahead.
  16. moparleo

    727 swapped with A41 4 speed automatic trans shifter not locking in all 4 gears

    Are you trying to use the factory Mopar 3 speed console shifter ?
  17. moparleo

    Engine Temp Incresing

    What I see in the picture of post #24 is that the belts are not routed properly. The problem is with the water pump pulley. The alternator and a/c compressor have dual groove pullies because when the a/c clutch is engaged it puts a large load on the belt and it will slip, so it needs 2 of them...
  18. moparleo

    Hello, new here.

    :welcome: aboard. Pictures please.
  19. moparleo

    72 Cuda rides like a 2 ton truck

    Check the upper and lower mounts for bends or damage first, then proceed. Unless the car has the stock suspension and new, factory spec springs, your rear ride height numbers are really meaningless. Just like front ride height numbers. The factory only did it one way. Stock/stock/stock...
  20. moparleo

    Shock advice

    What does QA-1 recommend ? They engineered the suspension and shocks are part of that system.