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  1. K

    WTB Mopar project

    thanks ,,i will take a look
  2. K

    Interesting upcoming auction

    there will be more money than brains standing at that auction.
  3. K

    Mecum Challenger TA on the block Saturday

    bud you are correct in every aspect. but you still said " it sold too cheap"
  4. K

    Mecum Challenger TA on the block Saturday

    bud if you want to pay 80k go right ahead. tell us wouldn't you rather pay 60. there all worth more when sitting behind a keybrd. lol
  5. K

    Mecum Challenger TA on the block Saturday

    my guess. 60k
  6. K

    FOR SALE Awesome 1973 Plymouth Barracuda

    hey rag, anybody with only 10cents in there pocket will tell you its gonna sell fast. no tag and no sheet hurts a lot. good luck
  7. K

    Look what followed me home today

    ya ok enough talk about the vin on the block, what are your plans with it.
  8. K

    1970 15” Trim Ring options

    the repops are flimsy. I bought 4 sets of original 3 inch over the years one at a time in Carlisle. rick has a set of mine now.
  9. K

    FOR SALE 1970 hemi cuda clone 4 speed

    its on ebag for 55
  10. K

    Wavy Paint. Now What?

    if the bodywork sucks the finished product will suck. how does the top of the car look. is it acceptable.. if just the sides are wavy it will have to be blocked and sprayed again. flip a lip on the tops of the fenders and quarters and reshoot it. been there.
  11. K

    WTB Mopar project

    70 satellite convertible. 1 of 24 built. big project.?????
  12. K

    70 R/T rescued

    im shocked the fender tag is still there. nice project
  13. K

    Thought this was cool and wanted to share

    what happened to the car ..why did you keep the tag
  14. K

    Got to be worth it in parts alone

    if theres no tag or sheet the value is nill
  15. K

    P.G. Classic interior

  16. K

    AAR Cuda Restoration

    get the body done first. your gonna have a 800.00 dash pad hanging around the shop. you know whats gonna happen.
  17. K

    Did I Missed Out On A Good Deal Or Not?

    if you could do all the work yourself its worth 12k holes under the vinyl top is a big problem.
  18. K

    What’s she worth

    C - hunter did you deduct from that 6k after seeing the rear rail is missing. whats the rest of the under side look like.