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  1. Wyo70Mopar

    WTB 1970 challenger convertible or 70-71 barracuda convertible

    I have a 1970 Charger R/T SE to trade towards a challenger or barracuda convertible. The charger is 100% rust free car has fender tag and build sheet that is almost perfect. Car has 71 warranty block 440 with 727 transmission and 8.75 rear end with suregrip. The car needs painted but it’s ready...
  2. Wyo70Mopar

    WTB Looking to trade 70 Charger for 70 Challenger convertible

    I’m thinking about trading my 70 charger for a 70 challenger convertible. If your interested message me and I’ll give you details on the car
  3. Wyo70Mopar

    1970 Challenger R/T questions

    Hey guys, I’m looking at buying my first E body but need some opinions on a couple things. I noticed the challenger on the trunk was spaced away from the R/T and looks like to big of a gap? Also on the fender I noticed the R/T is closer to the door then other cars I have seen. I wasn’t sure if a...
  4. Wyo70Mopar

    70 Challenger brake issues

    Hey guys I have a 70 Challenger with power brakes, disc on the front drums on the back. The front brakes have been gone through and when I bleed the brakes I get good fluid on all the brakes but it feels like it has manual brakes. I have to push really hard on the brakes to get the car to stop...
  5. Wyo70Mopar

    WTB 1970 Cuda AAR or T/A Challenger project

    Hi, I am currently looking to buy a 70 AAR or a T/A project. The car doesn't have to be numbers matching but it would be a bonus. Please let me know what you, serious buyer thank you for your time. I live in Wyoming and willing to travel for the right car.