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    1971 cuda lower valance insert

    Who makes the best reproduction?
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    Radiator support lining up

    Is it supposed to look like this or should it line up better?
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    FOUND Passenger side wheel well bracket??

    Looking for this part...thanks
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    Door hinge question

    is there a test or something to look for to tell if you need them replaced or rebuit? Also can they be tested without them on the car? Thanks
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    Rear wheel well

    Is it possible that the wheel well would have came from the factory this way? What should the opening be? Thanks
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    FOUND 71 cuda fuel vent tube

    Looking for the fuel vent tube for passenger side trunk..thanks
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    Not sure where to post this? Wiper arm question

    Is there a difference in e body wiper arms? I'm cloning a hemicuda and i know i can't used the 2sp motor so my question is.... beside just changing the motor to a 3sp, is there anything else needed to change out for the wipers to work correctly? Thanks
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    How to treat bare metal in tough spaces

    I have my cuda blasted and was wondering what is the best way to treat places like between the roofskin and roof structures? The car is on a rotisserie if that might make the treatment process easier.Thanks
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    WTB A833OD transmission

    Looking for an A833OD trans in the AZ area..shipping is outof control...thanks
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    WTB Hemi vavle covers black wrinkle

    Looking for a set of black wrinkle covers thanks
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    WTB A/C heater box

    Looking for a good or restorable A/C heater box thanks
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    Wiring question

    building a 71 cuda, I have no wiring at all. What is the best route to go? Going to install Dakota digital dash with aftermarket A/C. Thanks in advance
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    Suspension parts color

    What color and products did you use on k frame and the rest of the suspension parts? Thanks
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    What paint guns do you use?

    I have a 60gal compressor and looking to a good paint gun to spray my car... thanks
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    Dana 60 help

    Would any know the measurements on a Dana 60 from the housing edge to center of perches? Example picture 1..thanks
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    Are all clones the worth the same???

    For example I have 5 identical 1971 hemicuda clones, same color, miles, all original 318. Only difference between the 5 cars is the model year(70,71,72,73,74). The 71 year clone is worth 100k would the rest be worth the same? Would each year have a different value? Thanks
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    K frame and suspension parts

    What color and products is best to use to get the factory look and do I need to prime the parts before painting ? Thanks
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    AMD panels

    Do these panels need to be stripped down to bare metal and primed with the rest of the car ? Thanks
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    Stripping cuda to bare metal question

    What is the best way to get in the cowl area? Is there a way besides dipping or blasting?
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    Difference in bumper brackets

    what is the difference between 70-72 brackets and 73-74? Going to by some but don't want to buy the wrong ones.. thanks