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  1. rklein71

    Hello from Niagara Falls Canada

    Holy crap Batman, car is going to be a beast!
  2. rklein71

    Hello from Niagara Falls Canada

    So is your car Cuda sheetmetal over a new Challenger frame?
  3. rklein71

    Can you put a shaker and 4 bbl on a 1971 LA 318?

    74 Cudas could be bought with a 318 or 360.
  4. rklein71

    Hello from Niagara Falls Canada

    Not many people have owned a hemi cuda. You were fortunate to be one of them. Hell, I have never ridden in a hemi car.
  5. rklein71

    WTB Mopar E Body A833 Four Speed Mainshaft

    The last time I needed a main shaft, I bought an entire tranny and sold the left over parts and case to get my money back.
  6. rklein71

    Forged or Cast Crank??

    Go to 440source.com. They have a lot of info about 440s.
  7. rklein71

    Enjoy - You E Body Freaks!

    The best part of Vanishing Point is destroying a Camaro at the end.
  8. rklein71

    Looking for shoulder rivets

  9. rklein71

    FOR SALE Gas tank lock rings again, NOS

    How do you prefer to get paid?
  10. rklein71

    Started rear upholstery

    Great video, thanks
  11. rklein71

    Started rear upholstery

  12. rklein71

    Started rear upholstery

    Just stripped the upholstery off my seat frames on my 71 BHG. Bottom seat frame had a fair share of surface rust and a couple of spots needing minor repair. Wire brushed them and put a coat of phosphoric acid on them to take care of the rust. Tomorrow, I will wash them off and get a coat of...
  13. rklein71

    SOLD New Rear muffler hangers

    Those sure look like a-body exhaust tip hangers....
  14. rklein71

    Parts Availability, WOW

    I had a 340 four speed Cuda back in high school, graduated 1981. Car is long gone, but I always wanted another 71. Didn't have the heart or wanted to spend the extra money on another Cuda, so I built a BHG car instead. Don't feel bad about building it better than a stock one.
  15. rklein71

    Parts Availability, WOW

    My rear upholstery has finally come in, although it is on a parts shelf in my shop for now.
  16. rklein71

    Rear leaf spring help

    I bought hemi leaf springs from ESPO with a one inch drop. Picture for reference. I think my tires are 255/60/15.
  17. rklein71

    Shaded Bar

    It xed out for me. Not sure where it came from.
  18. rklein71

    FOR SALE BACKS ONLY!!! Brand New Legendary Challenger Back Seat Covers

    With the new IRS rules, PP and such might become less common.
  19. rklein71

    FOR SALE BACKS ONLY!!! Brand New Legendary Challenger Back Seat Covers

    Good deal, It took me 8 months to recieve my back seat covers for my 71 Barracuda. Just got them a couple of days ago.
  20. rklein71

    Riley Wellnitz with a 71 Barracuda

    Yep, I am calling the po pos because you stole it!