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    Have To Disable Ad Blocker

    As a result of your 2 replies I re-enabled my uBlock Origin and, son-of-a-gun, it's okay now. I don't get that ad block detected message. Who knows what that was all about the other day, might have even been an issue with uBlock at the time I visited the site. Thanks again Mopar Nut & DetMatt1.
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    Have To Disable Ad Blocker

    Well this is new and just occurred. When I came here a few minutes ago the site said something like "Ad Block Detected". I had to disable it to get in. I'm using "uBlock Origin". I wonder if it's only that one or if this site recognizes other ones too, like Adblock, etc. Anyone else have to...
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    Wipers not parking

    1/4 inch gap - no way. In a perfect world it should be flush.
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    1970 Challenger R/T convertible four-speed car's broadcast sheet to current owner

    You should post this on e-bodies.org too. I saw that you're a member there too. A lot of the people on Facebook don't go to the e-bodies.org website.
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    Is there a difference between auto and manual consoles?

    Glad it's sorted out. Depending on it's condition that 4 speed top plate could be desirable.
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    Is there a difference between auto and manual consoles?

    Yeah, I think it would be ugly. Just my opinion.
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    How do I remove trim to replace speaker fader switch?

    Dropping the steering column is pretty easy to do. Loosen the 3 bolts on the floor then spin down the 2 bolts from the studs on the dash frame. Those may or may not have to come completely off for clearance. If it's just for looks I wouldn't bother, especially since you don't have a factory...
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    How do I remove trim to replace speaker fader switch?

    That's the whole gauge bezel. To remove it I know the light bar and switch panel have to come off to get to some screws. The steering column probably has to be dropped. I don't know if you can gain access by just removing the radio though. I've removed my rallye dash a few times so it's probably...
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    Is there a difference between auto and manual consoles?

    The lower half on the drivers side is cut out to accommodate the 4 speed boot, not cut on automatics. Picture from ebay, that company also sells the template.
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    1970 Standard Steering Wheel horn button

    Yes, if you don't get it all the way down the 3 spoke pad won't go on.
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    1970 Standard Steering Wheel horn button

    Pull straight up, no twisting needed. It's held on with several spring tabs and very tight. One of the tabs is broken off on mine in the picture. It just presses on the center ring of the actual button (2nd pic)
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    1970 Standard Steering Wheel horn button

    You have to remove the 3 spoke vinyl trim first. It's held on with 3 Phillips screws in behind. Then you can just pull up on the center button. Edit: that's if we're talking about the same thing.
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    Anybody having problems with Layson’s??

    Yeah, ever since his arrest, then charges dropped, fiasco of 2008 I've stayed away from him. Sorry for the troubles you (and BSG) are having. Hope you get your parts soon. Maybe a little added compensation too for all this bull - but I wouldn't hold my breath on that.
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    SOLD 1970 AM/FM Challenger/Cuda Thumb Wheel Radio

    I'd be all over this if it wasn't so expensive to ship to Canada. Still though, I'd be curious what the shipping cost would be to Postal Code: L2P 2T7. Edit: Sorry, I'm going to pass. My excitement got the better of me. It was just going to be a back-up anyway.
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    '70-'74 Challenger Door Differences

    Lower cutout is for Barracuda/Cuda Upper is for Challenger
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    radio speakers

    Excellent link Adam, glad that the magnet size was addressed in Reply #3. I had to open up my dash frame too ages ago. Not sure but I think there might be 3 1/2's with smaller magnets out there today.
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    Replacing voltage limiter with upgraded rt one

    It looks RT-Eng changed their design from when I put mine in, or you have the wrong one. The top post should be female, you need IVR3, yours looks the B body IVR4 one. If you insist on using it I'd guess the top is 5v output and the bottom is the 12v and leaving the condenser disconnected. I...
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    WTB E-body Rallye dash gauge face

    Are you missing yours or just want a prettier one. I've repainted those and put a new self-adhesive face label on them.
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    !970 Challenger A01 light group

    The bulb I used was white.