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  1. Mopar Mitch

    Who has the Borgenson power steering box for E-Body?

    Drivun -- regarding the ps pump, which pump have you used? The Federal (round neck) has very poor fast-action response; however, the SAGINAW (oval/rectangular neck) should not be any problem. I've recently spoken with Bergman ... and he said there is only one certain longer fast-ratio Pitman...
  2. Mopar Mitch

    Best new springs to match new QA1 shocks - any recommendations?

    Nice ride!!! Are the QA1 shocks that you've bought "single" or "double" adjustables? Learn their ride comfort/handling differences with different settings. also, just so you know, your rims are the Year One 17"... looks like 9" wide both front and rear?? The tires will have short sidewalls...
  3. Mopar Mitch

    13in Baer Track 4 brake fits 17in YearOne Rallye rims ?

    Tip: Also consider the thickness of inside rim tape weights... if you have them. They could possibly hit the caliper. Solution would be to get thinner tape-on weights, or else, to additionally file/grind the caliper for clearance to the rim, etc.
  4. Mopar Mitch

    Old Mopar Wrecking yards

    Mo-Par City A distance from you (located in northern Illonois)... but worth a try for something ... they are closing their doors soon... business for sale (retirement).
  5. Mopar Mitch

    Chick with a Cuda

    Nice pics and story/history. I have one suggestion... the oil pan... desperately needs oil control baffels... the factory non-baffled pan welcomes oil starvation in cornering, acceleration and deceleration. Simple flat steel plates can be welded in front and rear of the sump (a little...
  6. Mopar Mitch

    Pics of 17x9 / 275 wheel tire combo on front ?

    I've seen these rims 17"x9" front AND rear with 275-40-17 tires... no problems at all... fits a-ok!... perfect backspacing... tire diameter is a little small... but just get used to that.
  7. Mopar Mitch

    RTV on Valve Cover Gaskets

    they should be available... popular SKU for any "performance" distributor.... you could also try Hughes Engines as they are only Mopar.
  8. Mopar Mitch

    RTV on Valve Cover Gaskets

    Consider the Fel-Pro Performance "Cork-Lam" valve cover gaskets, set #1646... double thickness (.313"), hi-grade cork rubber with a steel center core.... retains its shape and easy to remove/reinstall. Its the only ones I use... lifts the valve up slightly for better rocker arm clearance; seals...
  9. Mopar Mitch

    RTV on Valve Cover Gaskets

    I'm partial towards Fel-Pro... as I worked for them for 30 years... and they have always used hi-quality cork-rubber. Victor gaskets also use hi-quality cork-rubber.
  10. Mopar Mitch

    Timing Chain Tensioner with Double Roller Chain

    The FACT is that the tensioner was ONLY designed and intended for MAGNUM series small blocks (V8, V6). IF you do install one, you must check the clearance of it at the SLINGER... they are known to interfere with the slinger, in particular when using a double-roller chain... requiring...
  11. Mopar Mitch

    RTV on Valve Cover Gaskets

    Along with proper and equal clamp load (never over-tightening!), make certain the surfaces are flat and without casting flash. Some cylinder heads have casting flash. Some aluminum valve covers have lined ridges... and they may not be pressing properly to the gaskets... possibly requiring...
  12. Mopar Mitch

    Engine Oil

    I suggest that whenever we talk oil filters, that we specifically indicate the part number of the filter. I've had full satisfaction with the FRAM HP-1 (racing) oil filter... larger holes and greater volume vs the WIX 51515R. This is not to say the WIX 51515R is bad, just that the visible...
  13. Mopar Mitch

    Anyone use ProMax Parts?

    I use the ProMax sixpack parts. Their base plate is the way Holley should've made it (easily adjustable rear carb)! My overall setup runs great!
  14. Mopar Mitch

    Headers hitting my idler arm

    Another option is to slightly grind down the idler arm where it hits the header tube.. I've done it ... no problem .. as well as dinged the headers however needed.... and i run the longer idler (C-body) and pitman (fast-ratio) arms... a simple fix. I'll agree that different motor mounts can be...
  15. Mopar Mitch

    Remote oil filter and ECU locations>

    I've mounted my remote oil filter on the firewall above the heater motor... easier to change the filter and less messy... and it may someday be adaptive to an Accusump setup. I've mounted my Mopar Chrome box ECU under the dash... above the pedals on the firewall... keeps it cooler... had to...
  16. Mopar Mitch

    Which Bergeson Power steering box 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" section width?

    Which power steering pumps have you been using? Federal or Saginaw? The Federal is the one to avoid as it doesn't offer enough assist when needed. T/Anks for the TTi SB info.
  17. Mopar Mitch

    Which Bergeson Power steering box 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" section width?

    I am most curious to responses from anyone using the Borgns'n box... with the longer "fast ratio" pitman arm... and also using the required longer C-body idler arm (so to make the L-R turns equal distance in radius... where-as the T/A factory setup was a mistake). Personally, I'd want the...
  18. Mopar Mitch

    FOR SALE 1970 aar cuda body

    It would truly be a better sale with all parts going with it... especially the engine.... just increase the price accordingly.
  19. Mopar Mitch

    Widest tires

    With the proper offset (backspacing), a 275-60-15 (15" diameter, correct?)... is no problem at all. A 295-50-15 (hard to find) can be a problem pending the rim, would be pinched at the sidewalls... but again the offset (backspacing) is critical. ZERO offset should be the magical number...