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  1. 71droptop

    Engine Temp Incresing

    I've had similar problem. Old time mechanic said put a piece of loose leaf in front of radiator. See if fan pulls it tight to the rad. Clutch fans can be finiky.
  2. 71droptop

    Delilah is finally we’re I want her.

    Totally awesome. Great job. Are the side scoops the cast aluminum . I was considering the fiberglass Re pops.
  3. 71droptop

    Summit ready to run distributor question, need help

    I had to adjust the distributor drive gear to get my rotor to line up. Easiest way is to mark where the slot in the drive is now. Get a large straight longscrew driver and turn the gear counter clockwise. The drive will pop up and you can back your way around until the drive slot ends up where...
  4. 71droptop

    Rally dash

    While we are on the subject- where does the reverse light ( on the dash frame ) go thru the firewall and plug in ??
  5. 71droptop

    Roseville discount code

    Anyone buy from Mancini Racing. Looking to buy 6 pak package. ( 440 ) Is there a discount available ?
  6. 71droptop

    Frame connectors....oh, the humanity!

    Just saw this and thought I would chime in. I have a convert. If you ever saw it on a lift you would see the door to quarter gaps were outrageous. Back on All 4's - it looks goods. Point being when I do install my Frame connectors - the car will be supported under the rear axel and at each lower...
  7. 71droptop

    Bad lifter

    That sucks because you start to question other things. My engine felt like it was running out of fuel. Checked the usual and found the fuel pump push rod was shorter than what it should have been. A friend asked me if i cut open the oil filter to look for metal. Oh ****. Turns out the engine...
  8. 71droptop

    Rally Gauges

    Converted my BH27G to 440 / 4spd. Had the front interior trim totally out of the car to weld in the tunnel. That said it was almost easy to wire up the Rallye gages with a Rallye wiring harness on the bench and load it all into the car. The back of the gage pod has initials stamped in it. Y/g (...
  9. 71droptop

    Drumb to Disc Swap

    Hey Mopar guy- great feed back. Where did you see that article. Who has the T/A metering valve. Thanks in Advance.
  10. 71droptop

    Electrical Issue

    Posted an electrical issue earlier. Car seemed to lose electrical continuity. Amp gage didnt register- Flipped on the head lights the amp gage didnt blink. Stopped for gas and the car wouldnt start. So yesterday i felt energetic and started to trouble shoot. Long story short- left keys in the...
  11. 71droptop

    Door closing rattle

    There is a large rubber gromet at the bottom of the door that when the glass is lowered it should rest on it. Often missing or just lying around. If the tab on the gromet is missing you can glue it in place.
  12. 71droptop

    Radio Cuts out.

    Other day turned car off- wouldnt start. Jiggled + cable-several attempts - nothing.. One final twist and turn of battery cable and it started. Nothing weak about the battery. While driving back home the radio cut out. 3-4 seconds then back on. Flipped on the head lights- alternator didnt budge-...
  13. 71droptop

    Wiper Linkage

    Ok Thanks Appreciate it.
  14. 71droptop

    Wiper Linkage

    I have gotten many Good leads from the site as far as who rebuilds wiper motors. Having a little trouble getting a handle on the whole linkage issue. Im converting from 2 spd. switch and motor to Ralley 3 spd and motor. Im told if I use the existing linkage under the cowl the wipers wont park...
  15. 71droptop

    WTB Wiper Linkage

    Looking for 3 spd. wiper linkage set up Part # 2822 289 Part # 2822 293 Connect. link and Drive link Thanks for any help
  16. 71droptop

    I'll take that. Ship to 10954 Let me know how you want pay. Thanks

    I'll take that. Ship to 10954 Let me know how you want pay. Thanks
  17. 71droptop

    SOLD MORE Garage Clean Out Parts

    looking for 3 spd. wiper linkage 2822 289 any help appreciated 2822 293 Thanks
  18. 71droptop

    SOLD Garage Parts Clean Out

    Any 3 spd. wiper stuff. SWitch- linkage for under cowl area. Thanks in Advance
  19. 71droptop


    Looking for wiper linkage for 3 spd. motor. Thanks in Advance
  20. 71droptop

    SOLD E body parts

    Any wiper linkage for e body 3spd. motor Thanks in advance