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    Paint blisters

    All layers of paint need to come off to ensure the "bad" paint is totally gone. Back to bare metal is the only way to be sure. I am not sure what you can do but you need to make sure the rust is not working away under that paint. Maybe you are better off to sand the cracks and seal with aerosol...
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    Paint blisters

    I do not think you can do anything for that paint job. My concern is from your pics rust may be forming under those cracks.
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    crankcase ventilation

    I do not think that will work out as you are likely to breath to much of the oil fumes back in to the carb and therefore polluting the intake charge coming in to the cylinders. It will ventilate the crankcase but I believe you will consume oil and foul the spark plugs. Doing what you are...
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    A car that I built.

    No idea what it might sell for but it is nice and I imagine it will go for good money.
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    Forged or Cast Crank??

    If you only want the crankshaft wouldn't it be easier to just by a Scat crank? or something like that. That way you could buy one that would be internal balance.
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    Recommendation for Carb rebuild?

    Site sponsor so worth supporting IMO. Woodruff.
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    Modern headlights and tail light bulbs for my 1974 Challenger

    There was a post on FBBO about Octane 6K LED headlights. The poster was pretty happy with them and had a link to the Octane website. I took a look and thought they looked good and a reasonable price.
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    833 trans throwout bearing

    It is easier to mount the bell housing on the trans then lower the engine in.
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    71 EBody steering column turn signal wire cover

    Not sure about the B body steering column question. I noted the "flared" end of the cover at the top goes inside the lower "ring" on the column.
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    71 EBody steering column turn signal wire cover

    I had a look at my car but you cannot really tell without pulling stuff apart. The green one makes the most sense as it would protect/contain the wires all the way through the column mount/bracket.
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    Harmonic Balancer Recommendation

    So by the sounds of it it will still be externally balanced. That can make it tricky. It is hard to balls up an internal balance, but due to the counterweights being so far off centre with external balance a little too much or not enough can cause a problem.
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    Harmonic Balancer Recommendation

    I would contact the rebuilder and first confirm - is the engine internally balance or external balance. If he has converted it to internal balance it will not need any counterweights.
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    Need advice 360 timing chain cam/crank slightly off

    You will be OK with those Edelbrock heads they are no worse than other named brands. I have come across faults on two other reputable brands - nothing that could not be fixed but a big NO to run out of the box. The best part about all those heads is they use good quality components - valves ...
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    Door Latch

    Great glad you got the problem sorted. Good idea to lubricate all the parts. Oil the hinges as well.
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    Leaking Speedo Gear Housing

    They sell rebuilt speedo housings for reasonable money also. I guess they do wear out if you run low oil for years - not heard about them wearing out.
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    Leaking Speedo Gear Housing

    Yes they are a shop that specialises in the A833. They know the trans inside out. I just typed brewers a833 and went straight to their website. They sell a little install tool for that inner seal also if that helps.
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    Exterior trim

    In my experience most reproduction parts are expensive and disappointing when they don't fit right. Some are complete junk. Whatever you buy it will be a lottery.
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    Leaking Speedo Gear Housing

    Brewers sell all those parts. They are good to deal with.
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    Door Latch

    Some door locks have a two stage latch - it may only be on the first or safety catch. Try moving the striker out
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    confusion on hood latches for challengers

    Can you post a picture it would help to identify the part.