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  1. benlavigne

    Great 1970 Original Mopar Ad

    That's a made-up ad made for Mopar Collector's Guide for their latest T Shirts... I Think they also have it as a tin sign. Ben
  2. benlavigne

    FOR SALE `70 Challenger 340 Four Barrel Rallye hood DECALS

    Hello torredcuda, are you Vincent, with whom I've already corresponded on FB? Ben
  3. benlavigne

    A66 Questions

    www.a66challenger.com Facebook Groups Ben
  4. benlavigne

    FOR SALE 2998974 is the rad for the Cuda

    Most A66's seem to also have come with the 974 rad. Mine has the 949, maybe because of the A36 Axle package. Ben
  5. benlavigne

    MOST UNUSED item ever made on 1970 Cudas

    That would be Bill Edwards, www.allmoparseatbelts.com , great guy! Ben
  6. benlavigne

    MOST UNUSED item ever made on 1970 Cudas

    Those belts in the picture look like the deluxe (Option C15) ones, with pushbutton, and are attached to a bracket on the front of the rear seat cushion. FRont belts also had their own holders in front of each buckets, two on each side, so the pocket on the console was redundant, but the holders...
  7. benlavigne


    Snopes. com is a great site to verify if it's a hoax or true ... 'Dance of the Pope' Virus Warning Ben
  8. benlavigne

    Fender tag

    Brett at datatags or Dave at MMC will not do a fender tag without proper information and documentation, period. If you look around eBay a little, you'll find some who are willing to create a ''wish''tag... Ben
  9. benlavigne

    FOR SALE `70 Challenger 340 Four Barrel Rallye hood DECALS

    Yes, I am here! I got the originals from Matt to make sure there was always one set to do reproductions from when the need for more comes up! If anyone does need any, there are two sets left and if more are needed, I'll look into another run. My own car is late-May build, so it came with...
  10. benlavigne

    Is this number one

    Hello, There was a 71 340 'Cuda that was sold last week here in Quebec, with an SPD of 822, so there were others sold before... Ben
  11. benlavigne

    Challenger convertible rear quarter interior panel For Sale (FACEBOOK)

    Kinda local to me, I can help with shipping if seller doesn't..... Ben
  12. benlavigne

    FOR SALE Thats Different on Ebay not mine

    Black vinyl top was left off at restoration, would have looked great as a triple-exterior-color car I think! Ben
  13. benlavigne

    6 way seat

    I've figured out that the rectangular handle also moves forward, but not what that does.... I'll keep experimenting! Edit, It is for up/down... I guess it could be useful if you're under 5'-6''... Ben
  14. benlavigne

    little mopar meet up

    Well one good thing about distancing is that it makes for less crowded, better car pics! I think this is what we'll see this Summer, spontaneous, not ''officially'' organized meets. Some people are already showing up at canceled weeknight cuising spots... Can't make it too obvious and risk...
  15. benlavigne

    1971 Challenger Floor Mats

    Driver's side is 21'' at the bottom, 16'' at top (under pedals) Pass side is 18'' at the bottom, 16'' at top. Ben
  16. benlavigne

    1971 Challenger Floor Mats

    Yes, they're in my 1970 Challenger... Ben
  17. benlavigne

    1971 Challenger Floor Mats

    THere were two kinds of rubber mats available, either from the dealer, probably with lettering, as they could come from a number of different suppliers, and these, which were factory supplied (Not sure is delivered in trunk with trim rings and antenna?), as option code C92 Accessory Rubber...
  18. benlavigne

    1971 Challenger Floor Mats

    Legendary has a very good copy of the factory-installed mats (Different from the dealer-installed). Hard to find on their site, as they are listed as A- and F-body 70/76 A-BODY & 76/80 F-BODY ORIGINAL FLOORMATS - BLACK | Legendary Auto Interiors Ben
  19. benlavigne

    Retractable shoulder belt

    Rear seat shoulder belts for coupes were available in1970 (C14), as were front shoulder belts for convertibles, both extremely rare options... Ben
  20. benlavigne

    1970 Dodge Challenger Registry

    Lots of info on this site, and although it's mainly for T\A's Barry maintains a registry of all models produced at Hammtramck and L.A" plants The 1970 Hamtramck Registry Home Page Ben