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  1. Rapidfire

    New Guy from PA

    Welcome to the forum! Greetings from Nebraska. 😀
  2. Rapidfire

    Hello from Niagara Falls Canada

    Welcome to FEBO! Nice to have you with us! Sounds like you have an awesome 'Cuda! 😀
  3. Rapidfire

    Hello from Lake Stevens, WA

    Welcome to FEBO! Greetings from Nebraska! 😀
  4. Rapidfire

    FOR SALE Fenders

    Rayzor, you will get better results if you put this in "Cuda -Challenger Parts Wanted.
  5. Rapidfire

    Hello from sunny South Florida!

    Welcome to FEBO! Nice Vert! 😀
  6. Rapidfire

    1970 T/A

    Welcome to the forum! Sweet looking Mopar! Love the color. 😀
  7. Rapidfire

    Mopar newbie from WI

    Welcome to the forum! Nice to have you with us! Show us a pic or two of your Challenger. 😀
  8. Rapidfire

    New Guy from Sonora,Ca

    Welcome to FEBO! Nice looking Mopars! Nice to have you with us!
  9. Rapidfire

    ✌️ from NW Iowa!!

    Welcome to FEBO! Great looking Mopar! Nice to have you with us!
  10. Rapidfire

    Hello from Hudson Valley NY

    Welcome to FEBO! Nice to have you with us! 😀
  11. Rapidfire

    New Plum Crazy Challenger Owner

    Welcome to FEBO! Nice to have you with us! Going to look great when you get it done! 😀
  12. Rapidfire

    1970 Challenger trunk lid round rubber bump stops

    They should be on the trunk lid.
  13. Rapidfire

    Hello and thanks for the site.

    Welcome to FEBO John! Nice to have you with us! Looking forward to seeing your project 71 Challenger.
  14. Rapidfire

    Hello from a future Cuda' owner

    Welcome to the forum! Hope you find a 'Cuda that you have been looking for! Don't give up, it's out there somewhere.
  15. Rapidfire

    Hello from Wyoming!!

    Welcome to the forum and greetings from Nebraska! Nice Mopars you have there!
  16. Rapidfire

    New to Febo

    Welcome to the forum! 😀
  17. Rapidfire

    New member intro

    Welcome to the forum! Nice to have you with us!
  18. Rapidfire

    Hello from Norway

    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you with us!
  19. Rapidfire

    New to FEBO

    Welcome to FEBO Don! Super nice looking Challenger!
  20. Rapidfire

    New Member happy to join

    Wlcome to the forum! Nice Challenger! Love the color! 😀