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    Harmonic Balancer Replacement/Install

    You can borrow the installation tool from Autozone. They have it in their loaner tool arsenal. At least the store near me did but I think they all have pretty much the same tools available...
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    Need advice 360 timing chain cam/crank slightly off

    Just got a set of Edelbrock's Performer RPM heads. Had the machine shop check them as they've run across tight guides on these heads before as well. The heads were fine right out of the box. Good castings and didn't even need to touch the intake ports as they matched the gaskets perfectly...
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    FOR SALE 1974 Challenger Bumpers - Scrap Them??

    From what I understand the 74 Challenger front bumper will fit a 70 Challenger. The 74 has the two bumperettes (or what ever they're called) so you might have to fill in those holes. The bumper brackets are where the differences lie. I can take a look and send you pictures if you'd like. I...
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    FOR SALE 1974 Challenger Bumpers - Scrap Them??

    You sure you want a 1974 bumper for your 70 Challenger?
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    FOR SALE 1974 Challenger Bumpers - Scrap Them??

    Replaced the bumpers on my 74 Challenger with the 71 version. Cleaning up my shop this week and headed to the scrap yard tomorrow with some brake drums, rotors, etc. … Questioning whether I should take the bumpers along and get my penny/pound or whatever scrap metal is going for these days, or...
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    SOLD 360 LA 130T Flywheel

    Interested but at maybe a little less $$. Not saying it's not worth what you're asking, but I'm looking for a flywheel for a 360 I'll be running on an engine run stand so doesn't need to be great. Let me know, thanks
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    Need advice 360 timing chain cam/crank slightly off

    Probably over thinking this. Looks like it's off a tooth. As others have stated, the only way to tell for sure is to degree it. Is this the company you bought the engine from? Colorful history... Granted there are two sides to every story but still.. MABBCO Motors | Complaints | Better...
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    Need advice 360 timing chain cam/crank slightly off

    Why do you believe there's a problem with the timing mark on the cam? Looks like you just have it a tooth off. Maybe I'm missing something here but not sure what the problem is.
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    Fuel tank j bolts

    Should be hard to turn since the nuts are nylon lock nuts
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    Timing Chain Tensioner with Double Roller Chain

    I understand manufacturer's cautioning against using parts for anything other than their intended purpose. The parts are designed and tested for specific applications. I get that. However... isn't taking a part that doesn't quite do what you need it to do and modifying it to make it work pretty...
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    Timing Chain Tensioner with Double Roller Chain

    I bought a CLO 9-5387 tensioner I intended to use on a SB I'm building but have seen various thoughts on whether they can be used with a double roller chain. Anyone have an opinion one way or the other? I believe the manufacturer says "not compatible" but what fun would it be if we always took...
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    Take a look at this American Autowire kit. I don't know if it's the best but I used it along with the Dakota RTX gauge set on a 74 Challenger and am pretty happy with it. ME85629 - 1970-74 E-Body Classic Update Complete Wiring Harness
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    Disk brakes for 14 in wheels

    Is it too late to register for the 1991 Mopar Nationals? :)
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    Disk brakes for 14 in wheels

    Rear Mopar 10.7" Rear Disc Brake Kit Front 10.95" Front Disc Brake Kit (Stage 1) You won't regret buying from this guy. Best in the business.
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    Problem with rightstuff 4-wheel discs, please help!

    A bigger master cylinder bore moves more fluid as compared to a smaller bore, so the same amount of pedal travel will cause the slave cylinder (caliper piston) to travel further with the bigger bore master cylinder. However it is true that a larger caliper piston will result in less travel given...
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    Needing Cam recommendations

    Good luck. Been waiting 6 months for a cam I ordered from Hughes. They are not alone. Word is most of the cores for camshafts come out of Michigan and are in extreme short supply.
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    Wiring question

    I installed a Dakota Digital dash and used this wiring harness from American Autowire in my Challenger. The wiring instructions are simple to follow and the harness is complete, well documented, and each individual wire is identified with lettering printed on the wire. I have no problem...
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    Which Bergeson Power steering box 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" section width?

    I'd suggest talking to Peter Bergman at Bergman Auto Craft with any questions you might have on the Borgeson steering unit. Very knowledgeable guy who will be able to answer any questions you might have.
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    Dapper 575 Lights in a Challenger

    Has anyone installed these lights in their Challenger? Wondering if they fit without any modifications and what you think of them. Thanks
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    Another "what's this hole for" question

    Anyone know what these holes (in the red box) are for? I relocated the battery and am thinking of routing the battery cable along the back side of that rail. Thanks