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  1. challenger6pak

    Elastomeric Bumper

    I was wondering the same thing.
  2. challenger6pak

    Paint blisters

    Is the cover plastic?? That will cause blisters.
  3. challenger6pak

    Switching a 7-1/4 for an 8-3/4 rear end

    The axle tubes are different sizes. You will need the 8 3/4 shock plates and u bolts.
  4. challenger6pak

    I screwed up and need Two pieces badly

    The price is a combination of rarity and desirability. Challenger's and more so Cuda's are high on the desirability scale. Add to that a rare part and you get high pricing.
  5. challenger6pak

    I screwed up and need Two pieces badly

    $400 isn't too bad of a price for a nice pair.
  6. challenger6pak

    I screwed up and need Two pieces badly

    @Gary Kitchens , the clip pictured is sitting upside down from the way it mounts if you are not familiar with them.
  7. challenger6pak

    I screwed up and need Two pieces badly

    The clips snap in. You don't have to have the window out.
  8. challenger6pak

    Anyone else getbthis

    I get 10 secs before it shows up.
  9. challenger6pak

    Anyone else getbthis

  10. challenger6pak

    Google pop ups while roaming the threads?

    I have the same issue
  11. challenger6pak

    confusion on hood latches for challengers

    Sounds like a 71 header panel.
  12. challenger6pak

    New Guy Here…

    I had photos but lost them to water during a hurricane. I do know it is a white exterior, blue interior, black stripe car. The rest was standard R/T stuff.
  13. challenger6pak

    New Guy Here…

    It had 2 build sheets. Hopefully you have them. You can't see it in the pic. It had a rusty luggage rack that was installed properly. I don't know if it was original or not. We didn't have the knowledge about build sheets in the 90s like we do today.
  14. challenger6pak

    New Guy Here…

    Welcome Greg. I bought this car from the 2nd owner, Ward Mabbit, who had taken parts off of it and was going to scrap it. The pic Gary posted is from when I bought it. I sold it to Gary due to my divorce and he restored it. The only thing not known about the car is who the original owner was...
  15. challenger6pak

    440 six pack wheel size

    14 inch wheels including rallyes were available on the 440+6. The dog dish was stainless.
  16. challenger6pak

    Pop up

    Didn't work. Only when I post
  17. challenger6pak

    Pop up

    I keep getting this pop up. I only get it at this site. Any ideas as to why? Thanks.
  18. challenger6pak

    How much is a 1970 Hemi Cuda project car worth?

    I might know the car. Without photos it is hard to tell.