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  1. Tom's EK2

    WTB Looking for set of trunk lid torsion rods for 1970 cuda

    Need 1970 cuda trunk lid torsion rods. Believe the 70 used 2 of them. Approximately 42 inches in length across the straight rod and 3/8 diameter. Thanks
  2. Tom's EK2

    WTB 1970 cuda trunk lid torsion rods

    Hello again. Any luck on finding trunk lid torsion rods? I thought I found some but they are not the correct ones. Thanks
  3. Tom's EK2

    Trunk lid torsion rods

    Are the trunks rods repopped now? What are cuda oem rods worth? Thanks I have an opportunity to purchase some and just wanted to know.
  4. Tom's EK2

    WTB 1970 cuda trunk lid torsion rods

    That'll work May be wanting to talk about clutch pedal Assembly if it's still available
  5. Tom's EK2

    WTB 1970 cuda trunk lid torsion rods

    Looking for the two torsion rods that support the trunk lid. Thanks
  6. Tom's EK2

    Factory Dash Pads - Options

    Hello- Looking for needing 2 non ac 1970 dashes.So....in your opinion BOB ABC Moparts 928-692-7689 Thanks
  7. Tom's EK2

    AAR vinyl top?

    Hello- That is Lime lite AAR we talked about earlier. It will look sharp with the black hood. Thanks - Tom
  8. Tom's EK2

    AAR vinyl top?

    Excellent ! THANKS for the information
  9. Tom's EK2

    AAR vinyl top?

    Could you get a vinyl top on an AAR And what code would that be?
  10. Tom's EK2

    Hello everyone

    J.M.O.- With warmer weather, swaps aren't too far away. Maybe not get in a rush, considering restoration steps. Look for an OEM. ?
  11. Tom's EK2

    Package Tray color

    Thanks I have no way to tell what the car originally came with, so I suppose it's going to be personal preference
  12. Tom's EK2

    Package Tray color

    Thanks- I believe I agree with black. All the pictures of white interior AAR, cuda and challengers I've seen show seats, door panels, headliner,sun visors, headliner trim and pillar post white and black package tray
  13. Tom's EK2

    Package Tray color

    What color would the package Tray be. Fender code H6XW. I thought they were all black but I was looking to order and see they're available in different colors. Any thoughts or help would be great
  14. Tom's EK2

    Question is White Interior

  15. Tom's EK2

    Question is White Interior

    White headliner, white door panels,white rear interior panels and white seats. are the metal trim that is around the headliner white? Kinda think yes
  16. Tom's EK2

    NOS AAR exhaust tip ?

    I would 👍 agree with $250 or even $300. The only response I got was 1 for $600. I had to pass on that.
  17. Tom's EK2

    AAR Project

    Here's a few parts needing relocated back in place.