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  1. sdcbowler

    FOR SALE 70 Challenger rear seat cover

    Hi, If you were local, I would buy them. I am in California. After shipping, the cost would be close to $350. Retailer 1.5 hours away has them for $383. I can drive there to buy, and even inspect before I purchase. If there is any issue, I can return them with no problem. My car is not complete...
  2. sdcbowler

    '70 Challenger Pivot Bracket Assembly

    Hi Members, Attached is a sketch of the pivot bracket that attaches to the inside rear of the door......please see the attachments. They are different between the Challenger and Cuda/Barracuda. The ones I have are for a Barracuda but I need those that are for a Challenger. Wanted to know if...
  3. sdcbowler

    '70-'74 Challenger Door Differences

    Chryco/EW Thanks much for enlightening me........now I finally get it....:)
  4. sdcbowler

    '70-'74 Challenger Door Differences

    OK, I'm not referring to the square cutout in the 'door panel'. I know that is for the power window switch, and for the regulator the door panel would have an approximate one inch diameter hole in the same location. I'm referring to actual cutouts in the metal in the interior surface of the...
  5. sdcbowler

    '70-'74 Challenger Door Differences

    Hello FEBO Members, Wanted to ask. Is there a difference between the location of the window crank mechanism in the Challengers. Seems like I have seen some doors where the shaft of the window crank comes through the lower square cutout, and I have seen some where it comes throug the upper squar...
  6. sdcbowler

    FOR SALE Vinyl top lower windshield stainless trim

    Hello, Can you please tell me approximately how much for shipping to 91945? Thank you
  7. sdcbowler

    SOLD 1970-74 Dodge Challenger Used Vinyl Top Trim

    Can you tell me approximately how much for shipping to 91945? Thank you
  8. sdcbowler

    FOR SALE 70 Challenger rear seat cover

    When were the seat covers purchased?
  9. sdcbowler

    Door & 1/4 Glass

    Hi Members, I am looking for new door and 1/4 glass for a '70 Challenger. Any warnings on which company I should avoid at all cost? Also, any recommendations on where to get the 1/4 glass seal installed on the 1/4 glass? Thanks
  10. sdcbowler

    Door Latch

    Yes. I lubed the hinges before installing the door
  11. sdcbowler

    Door Latch

    Hey Steve, I did as you suggested. I also realized that after the doors were sitting for many years after being sandblasted, I had not lubricated anything. that may have also played a part. Anyway, it all worked out. thanks for the advice. Cheers
  12. sdcbowler

    Door Latch

    Thanks, Steve I will give this a try tomorrow.
  13. sdcbowler

    Door Latch

    Hello fellow FEBO members. Wanted to know if anyone has ever had this issue I am having..........and if so, how did they resolve. I recently re-attached the door to my '70 Challenger and installed new exterior door handle, door weatherstrip, and striker. After getting everything lined up, I...
  14. sdcbowler

    Thoughts on 74 Barracuda for sale in Canada

    It appears that little to no work was done to the undercarridge. At 65K, just looking at it, I think this vehicle is priced 15K to 20K too high.
  15. sdcbowler

    Banned IP address. Not sure why.

    If you are connecting through a VPN, sometimes this will happen. Disconnect from your VPN (if you are using one), and try again. If it connects, you may be able to reconnect to your VPN once you have connected to the site.
  16. sdcbowler

    FOR SALE Nice BUDGE car cover for Sale - 1970 Challenger

    Did you have a buldge hood on the car you sold?........and do you have a pic of how the cover fitted on the car? Thx
  17. sdcbowler

    Looking for AC reference pics

    OK. I will be using the original R-12 refrigerant. Do you know where I can get a flush kit from? Thanks
  18. sdcbowler

    Looking for AC reference pics

    Thanks Cuda Joe, I'm not referring to the refrigerant that flows through the lines and the system. I know that requires R-12. I am talking about the oil inside the compressor body where the two pistons and the rods are located for the purpose of lubrication.
  19. sdcbowler

    Looking for AC reference pics

    Wondering if anyone could answer a question for me. I have a '70 Challenger, original a/c. My question is concerning the a/c compressor. I also have a small 8 gallon air compressor that requires oil. Can I use the same oil I use in my 8 gallon air compressor in my a/c compressor? Thanks much
  20. sdcbowler

    E - Body 1970 Challenger Fuel Tank Vent Line Bulkhead Stainless

    Welcome......you should be good to go.